Tuesday, January 23, 2007


I didn't realize that it's been a week since I posted! Bad blogger! Life does tend to get in the way sometimes.... I'm in the midst of changing ISPs right now, so I'm quite occupied changing e-mail addresses with appropriate boards/lists that I'm a part of. And I'm trying to get my website moved over to its new host and do a bit of an overhaul/update at the same time. I'm highly frustrated with geocities as some of the filetypes I had on my website aren't supported by geocities. It's forcing me to revamp things and create a whole pile of zip files just to get my website back up and running! Frustrating to say the least! Oh well, enough whining!

Stitching-wise I've been working like a madwoman on the two models I've got underway. I can't post any pictures of those, however I have received permission from one designer to post the first model I stitched for her. It hasn't been released just yet, but it was so pretty I asked for permission to show it off here... It's called Butterfly Arbor.

Isn't it pretty? I really enjoyed stitching this piece and it came together quite quickly. I can just see it being made into a pretty flat-fold and having it sitting in a highly visible area come spring! :-)

I missed the last SBQ, so here it is, fashionably late:

Have you had a happy dance yet this year? If so, tell us about it! (Or just point to the entry that talks about it.) If not, when do you predict it will be?

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I kinda consider the model above a 2006 happy dance since it was completed then, but maybe I can count it as 2007 since I can show it off now??? :-) I haven't actually finished anything else as of yet since I've been too busy with my models. However, I have managed to almost finish 2 Christmas ornaments - I work on those whilst waiting to pick up my boys from school or from whatever activity they're up to. They should both have the stitching finished on them within the next week or so - not much left to do on them really....

Then there's the flat fold I made below - I guess it counts as a finish, doesn't it???

Off to do some blog reading and work on updating the website.....


Meari 10:36 PM  

You're right... It IS pretty. Well done on your stitching, Erica.

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