TUSAL Time Again….

 Sunday, November 27, 2011

I seem to have missed the new moon by a couple of days.  I thought I entered the correct date in my todo list, but I guess I didn’t.  Oh well!  Better late than never, right?


Here’s the ORT jar as it stands today:



There haven’t been a ton of additions from last month as I really haven’t had much time to stitch.  Work has been crazy busy, to say the least.  I’ve worked every day in November except 3.  Even my fellow scientists have commented that they’ve been unusually busy this November.  Needless to say, by the time evening rolls around and I might have time to stitch, I’m often too tired to manage it.  It’s hard to put a needle through the correct hole when your vision is too blurry to be sure which hole to put the needle through!  On the up side, I only work Monday and Tuesday this week and then I’m off until Dec. 5th and after that, I don’t work again until January!  I’m looking forward to some time off – mostly so that I can finally recover from the seemingly endless series of colds I’ve had since the end of September.  I’ve lost my voice twice and gone through enough tissues that I think I should be sponsored by a tissue company.  I have started to feel better in the last couple of days and I think I may be back to ‘normal’ in another few days.  (normal is in quotes because who really knows what normal is?  Most of the time I figure normal is just a setting on the washing machine…..)


More pictures, you say?  Okay – here’s what I’ve finished since last month:



Snowman Kisses

by Cherrywood Design Studio

Stitched on 28-count Cashel ‘Blue Frost’ from Enchanting Lair

using DMC and GAST


I can’t help but smile every time I see this little piece.  Now I know how snowmen can kiss and not have their heads roll away on them! 


CdC has received a little bit of needle time:


DSC_0585 DSC_0586


Not nearly as much time as it should be getting, but I’ll get back to it soon.


Last night I couldn’t settle to work on anything, yet I really wanted to stitch.  So, I rummaged through my stitching basket and this piece caught my attention and decided to come out to play again:



This is my Legends of the Dragons.  I am totally in love with this piece and always have been.  I started it ages ago as a SAL on the TWBB, but for reasons that make no sense, I stopped working on it.  So, it’s back out and I’m going to work on it some more.  I really needed a good dragon fix.  Doesn’t everyone?


The day after Halloween, I came home from work to find this little vignette:



Looks like Mojo is cuddling up to Hazel – maybe she heard Hazel calling ‘here kitty, kitty’?


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