Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Tippity, tappity, skippity, hoppity....

Model #2 done and dusted (actually done a week ago, but life interferes). Pattern notes and corrections sent. I'm wiping my hands of this one.

The only down side?

I'm sorry it's over. It's so pretty. I want to keep it. Can't I keep it???? Guess not. The students in the class would miss the model.

But, I'm happy to return to some stitching for me and I can finally relax and look forward to the CreativFestival coming up in a week. 5 days of no kids, a needle in my hand and some very good friends to hang out with. Doesn't it sound like heaven?

I still need to get ready for Thanksgiving this weekend (for us Canadians, that is). I need to make buns (from scratch), pumpkin pie and who knows what else I'll decide upon... At least I don't have to make turkey this year. Don't be surprised if I start gobbling come Tuesday, though!

Hopefully there'll be some pictures next post - I'm working on something small (well, kind of small) but I'll wait 'till it's finished to show.

I think it's past my bedtime. *yawn*


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