Thursday, March 01, 2007

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Well, March certainly decided to come in like a lion today - although not until about 1 PM! Snow began coming down in a surprisingly hard fall this afternoon. DH has already shoveled once and no doubt will need to shovel again before long. We're in for some decidedly odd weather as later this evening it's supposed to change to freezing rain (joy!) and then in the wee hours of the morning tomorrow it's supposed to rain. I'm sure that tomorrow morning will bring an odd assortment of school closings, bus closings and we're-not-sure-but-we're-closed closings. Buses were cancelled today but we live within shouting distance of the school (I can hear the bell ring if I open my front door at the right time), so my boys were off to school today. They loved all the snow this afternoon. My oldest DS took almost an hour to walk home (it usually takes between 5 and 10 minutes!) - he was having too much fun playing in the snow with his friend. :-)

I'm starting to feel relatively stressed out. My youngest DS is heading into Sick Kids next Thursday for his 7th surgery to correct his birth defect. I won't go into the gory details here (it would likely give me a R rating). It's called hypospadias (the birth defect, not DS! :-) ) and is thankfully not life threatening, but necessary to repair. This round of surgery is relatively minor in comparison to some of things he went through in 2005 but I still stress out. I know it'll be fine, I just seem to need to put myself through this stress. I think I'm losing my mind. If anyone finds it, could you please return it?

The up side to the stress feeling - I stitch more when I'm stressed. :-) So my models are getting some goodly attention. I also picked up an old piece from a class I took at the CreativFestival a few years ago. It's a lovely little spot sampler and is just small enough that I can enjoy picking it up for those brief times when I'm not working on models. Plus it has some repetitive-ness about it that is very soothing at the moment. Here's a little picture of it:

And I've neglected to answer this week's SBQ suggested by Danielle(

Do you find yourself stitching faster when you are getting to the endof a design?

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I think I do stitch faster when I'm nearing the end, but then I do stitch pretty fast in general (just ask anyone who has taken a class with me - I'm known for having electric needles!). When I'm nearing the end of a piece (particularly if it's a large piece) then I'm desperate to get it done so I can start something new or just bask in the glow of having finished something!


Vonna 10:17 AM  

I hope that all goes well with your son. One of my son's has a minor form of this, but it wasn't necessary to correct. I'm wishing your son well and sending prayers to you :)
Your weather sounds's windy and a little brisk here, but the sun is shining :)

Meari 1:02 PM  

Sounds like you're having some of the same weather we are in Illinois. Snow one week, rain the next, sleet-rain-snow-more rain. We had blizzard conditions last weekend. Today schools are closed due to blowing & drifting snow. Ack! Where is spring? Hope all goes well with DS... try not to fret too much. At least something positive comes from the stressing... stitching gets done! :D Your model looks good!

Anonymous,  1:38 PM  

I'll be thinking of your son and hope all goes well with his surgery.

Anonymous,  1:38 PM  
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