Tuesday, March 06, 2007

What pretty little fabbies....

I'm starting to think that Canada Post doesn't hate me as much as I think it does. Not only did it finally bring me the necessary floss to keep progressing on a model I'm working on but it also brought me some beautiful fabrics that I ordered from Sugar Maple Fabrics. SMF was having a sale on some 9X12 fabrics on e-bay and I just couldn't resist. I have a hopeless addiction to these small cuts of fabric and an even larger addiction to hand-dyed fabrics. I'm already contemplating what I'll stitch on these.....

From left to right the fabrics are: Ice Pops (28 ct.), Gilded Majesty (28 Ct. and much greener than in the picture), Treetops (28 ct. and really, really sparkly IRL), Water Sprite (32 ct. and a deeper green) and In the clouds (25 ct.). I've spent a good portion of my evening fondling and dreaming. I love good fabric.

I certainly needed this little stash boost to distract me today. We're only 2 days away from my little one's next surgery. I'm trying not to focus too much on it, but it's hard. It may be minor surgery, but it's minor surgery on my little boy! I'm such a mother sometimes! :-) I just remind myself that we're lucky he's so healthy and normal and that everything will be just fine.

Off to stitch a bit before bed!


Vonna 12:37 PM  

Oh, so pretty fabrics :)
I've never tried SMF...I'll have to give them a whirl sometime!

Anonymous,  1:44 PM  

Your fabrics are great and I'm sure your little boy will do fine. But I know that won't stop you from worrying.

Sari 8:02 AM  

Your fabrics are really great. And I like that Dragon needle quardian you have stitched earlier.

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