Friday, March 30, 2007

New stash!

What a fun week I've had! I have recently discovered someone else who stitches and not just from kits from Michaels! Yay! She hadn't been to my favorite LNS,
Gitta's - which is just a short drive away from my home. So, needless to say, we were off an an afternoon's adventure! It's been too long since I hit the LNS, as my smoking credit card will attest!!! :-)

Here's what I got: DD's Proof & Dragon Alphabet, TW's Knotwork Bookmarks II, a freebie from A Stitcher's Hands called Garden Square, and I got lost in the wall of fibres..... It seems that a whole pile of fibres just jumped into my hands - some RG Fuzzy Stuff, some Kreinik #4 in mallard (DS#1 insists it's the colour of dragon scales!), some WDW, some GAST (okay, a lot of GAST), some Gloriana silk and some Dinky Dyes. I also bought the cool bag as through it's purchase I'll save 10% off all regularly-priced stuff for the next 2 years. I already saved half the cost of the bag with just the stuff pictured above! I think this bag is a good thing! Plus it's pretty.

This picture is of a few things I pulled out of the 50% off wall - a nice little linen cut, Lizzie*Kate's Friendship blooms, all kitted up, Lizzie*Kate's Welcome Tooth Fairy Snippet, another kit from the Trilogy called School Treats (for DS#2's teacher at the end of the year!). Definitely got some good deals here and had to work very, very, very, very hard not to buy more! Darn that wall of fibres! ;-)

I had a fun afternoon and just know we'll be doing it again, but hopefully not until the credit card cools down a wee bit! ;-)

Here's this week's SBQ suggested Cindy ( :

Do you have a system for organizing freebie charts in your stash? If so, what is it? Do you print out copies of all of the freebies thatyou find on the web (that you think you might actually stitch) or doyou maintain electronic copies of them until you are ready to stitch them?

The permalink to this post is:

System? What system? :-) I tend to print out many of the freebies that I like a lot and then file them in file folders by designer. Ones I'm not sure whether or not I'll actually stitch I tend to download and file away on the computer someplace logical. I do bookmark sites that have freebies that change periodically, but often forget to check them unless I see someone else has stitched a 'new' freebie...

Off to play in my new stash for a bit - then back to work on the models!


Vonna 11:05 AM  

Such lovely stitchy stash!

Meari 1:41 PM  

What a great time you had stash shopping and got some nice things too! Enjoy your new stuff! :)

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