Friday, February 16, 2007

Time for change and this weeks SBQ!

Well, it seems to be going around blogger-land - folks all seem to be changing their templates and I had a sudden inspiration to change mine. I kinda like the blue but I'm not sure about the rose - it seems a bit, well, big, doesn't it? Anyway, I'll try it for a wee bit - maybe it'll revert back to old faithful! :-)

Today's SBQ is:

Do you like to buy "chartpacks" that include charms, buttons, and/orbeads or do you prefer to gather all materials yourself?

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Well, the short answer to that is it depends. If I really like the design then I would buy a quality chartpack that includes charms/buttons/beads, etc. Certainly makes it easier. However, if I think I can find a substitute more easily/inexpensively then I prefer to do that. I have difficulty justifying paying $10 - $15 extra for a charm when I could likely find a perfectly reasonable substitute for under $5.

However, I do like buying thread packs for designs as often there isn't enough of a specialty fibre used in the design to justify the cost of a full skein. If I'm doubtful I would use more of that particular fibre on other projects, I much prefer being able to just buy the amount needed for the design I'm working on.

I have been trying hard to work on my models but time has been squished this week. I spent yesterday in the dentist office with my youngest DS as he was getting some cavities filled. He has a complicated medical history (that I won't bore you with) and one of the 'results' of all the trouble he's had in his little life is bad teeth. Most of his adult molars have erupted with cavities in them! Anyway, he was a real champ at the dentist's office and I was really proud of him.

Hopefully there'll be some stitching time this weekend, but it's not looking too promising. DH has to work this weekend so I'll be pretty busy with my boys. We'll see.

*And* I did get my smilies back! I think Meari was asking how to make smilies work - check out the instructions at this website:

Follow the directions and it should work. The only thing that isn't in the instructions is to make sure your template doesn't have more than one < body > tag in it.... If you're still having trouble, e-mail me and I'll try to help! Good luck!


Anonymous,  5:15 PM  

I love the change to your blog, it's beautiful.

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