Monday, February 12, 2007

Am I here yet?

Well, I've been dragged, unhappily to the new version of blogger. So far I'm unimpressed. The new version turfed all my cute little emoticons. Now I'll need to muck with some Java script to make them work again. Phooey!

On a happier note, I do have a finish to share. During my endless days of waiting last week, I managed to put in a good amount of time on TW's Needle Guardian (from this past October's Creativ Festival). I haven't made it into a needlebook just yet as I want to line the backside first (it's quite unsightly!)... Still, the stitching is all done. How do you like Stormy (as I've named him)?

He turned out even better than I had imagined. Thanks to Teresa for such a wonderful design and it was a fun stitch too!

Outside of my friend above, I've been plugging away at the models. They're both moving along much better now that I've scared off the frogs. I've managed to run out of fibres for one of the models, but I know replacements will likely be here in the next day or two. The other model can get some serious needle time in the interim.

There's supposed to be a major snowstorm coming this way late today or tomorrow. Good thing I've already got DH's Valentine's gift ready (shhh! Don't tell!).... I'm going to hunker down and curl up under a warm cat (or two) for the duration!


Vonna 4:18 PM  

I'm going to hunker down myself...storm is headed our way as well!


Anonymous,  10:11 PM  

Stormy looks great. Nice job.

tkdchick 6:05 PM  

Erica, your Needlekeeper looks wonderful!!!! Teresa's stuff always looks awesome!

Meari 1:08 PM  

The needlekeeper looks great, Erica. Congrats on the finish!

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