Thursday, February 22, 2007

Of Snowy Days, Pizza Days and Power Cuts!

Woke up this morning with my children informing me that the power was out. Sadly it was still a good hour before I needed to be conscious.... Luckily for them they're so gosh darned cute! :-)

The power flicked off and on all morning. DH managed his shower but the power shut off before he could shave. It came on again just after he'd managed to get dressed (in the dark) so he jumped in the loo to shave quickly. It went out again not long after he finished that. He had to have a breakfast of cold cereal poor guy.... I managed a shower and got my hair dry before the power went out again. It came back on in time to make breakfast for the boys and myself (I got a cup of coffee! Yipee!) and went out again just as we sat down to eat. I feel like a human yo-yo.

As we were eating our breakfast (in the semi-darkness - sun was coming up by then), it started to snow these great big fluffy flakes. It was so pretty - all the trees and branches were covered in this pretty, pretty snow. The boys made snowballs the whole way to school.

And I spent my late morning helping out with pizza day - I guess the hydro stayed on for long enough for the pizza guy to bake 61 cheese pizzas and 35 pepperoni pizzas for us. We divided, conquered and served the entire school population in record time. I *so* don't want to see pizza again anytime soon. :-P

And just to finish off (just so that there's something needlework related here!), here's this weeks SBQ:

Suggested by Kathryn( :
What is the smallest count fabric you have ever used? Did you stitchover one? Conversely, what is the largest count fabric you have ever used?

Hmmmmmm - let's see the smallest would have to be a 40ct. over-one piece I did. Not sure where the heck that piece ended up come to think of it. I may need to have a stash rummage. Largest is probably a 10-ct waste canvas used to stitch some motifs on some onesies when all my friends were having babies. I'll stitch on just about any size, any count, over one, over two, whatever - just give me a needle and floss! ;-)

Back to working on my models - although one is just sitting as I've run out of fibres and am (im)patiently waiting for more to arrive. Canada Post hates me. :-P


Meari 1:05 PM  

We lost power at 3am (twice) this morning due to weather conditions. Isn't winter fun??

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