Friday, October 01, 2010

Um, so, would the person who stole September please give it back?  I’m not done with it yet.


October is going to be a crazy, crazy month.  I’m starting to wonder just what I’ve gotten myself into….  I’m going to Lancaster for Stitching Jubilee, albeit as an employee rather than a stitcher.  I’ll be working in Enchanting Lair’s booth.  I’m really looking forward to seeing an American-style needlework show.


Then 4 days after I get home from that, I’m going to the Creativ Festival (Xinef – I know you asked if I was going.  I’ve lost your e-mail address so sorry for not e-mailing you!).  This year I get to be an anonymous stitcher, instead of a substitute instructor like last year.  I’m taking a bunch of canvaswork classes with Carolyn Mitchell and some hardanger too (I’ve done a fair bit of hardanger in my time, but not much recently, so it’ll be a good refresher if nothing else!).  I’ve got a few classes with Jennifer Aikman-Smith of Dragon Dreams as well.  I’ll be busy and when I’m not in class, I’ll be back in Enchanting Lair’s booth too.


And somewhere in there I need to squeeze in a bunch of workshops too.  Sleep?  What is that?


Seriously though, it’s nice to be busy.


I’m afraid I have no pictures to share today – I’m working on a model (which I think I’ve found a big honkin’ error in my stitching – I think there’s a frog or two or three or thirty coming to see me….).


I noticed that Missy Ann and Annette are hosting a 31 Days of Halloween giveaway.  I’m sure it’ll be full of fun and wonderful things.  I added a button in my sidebar to the left.  Do go check it out!  Enter too!  You never know if you might win a prize!


Anonymous,  2:54 PM  

Hi Erica, my email address is christine at forber dot net.

Sounds like we'll be in a number of classes together. I've signed up for some of Jennifer's (502, 503, 504), 2 of the canvas work classes (515, 516), and two of Laura Dickson's classes (510, 511). I decided to skip the hardanger, taking Saturday off from the festival for some RL time! :)

Silverlotus 4:02 PM  

Next year I think I will try canvas work. I love all the pieces of your's that I've seen.

And I know I've already said this, but I'm so jealous about Lancaster. Make sure you think about me at least once while you are there so I can enjoy it at a distance. :D

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