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 Saturday, October 02, 2010

I don’t have a ton of time – we’re leaving soon to go to the in-laws to celebrate an early Thanksgiving (for Canadians, Thanksgiving is next Monday – Oct. 11).


I spent most of today cleaning carpets – we’re in the midst of re-doing DS#2’s room and since we had all his crap, um really important stuff dumped out of his room (and all over every other square inch of the house it seems), I decided to clean the carpet in his room as I can’t remember when I last did it.  Then of course, since I had the machine out, I started cleaning a few other carpets (I call it hammer-and-nail syndrome – why is it when you have a hammer, everything seems like a nail?)…..


But, I did manage to get the sewing-machine-from-he** out so I could sew something kinda cool:



Yes, it’s another pouch.  I’m on a pouch kick for some reason.  Bear with me.


A while ago I was reading this post from Samplings from a Blue Ribbon Girl (a.k.a. Blue Ribbon Designs).  She mentioned the pattern she used to make her pouch and how generally easy it was.  So, I decided to give it a go and ordered the pattern.  You can see the result above.  Not bad for someone who is a pretty crappy sewer!  I’ve never tried putting a zipper into anything before and I really thought I’d struggle but actually it was the easiest thing.


I had some fun with the lining too:




‘Cause I just couldn’t help myself.  :-)


Well, I need to finish tidying up from the sewing and the carpet cleaning and I’ve got to pack my goop for an overnight stay at the in-laws.  If anyone has a direct line to the weather gods, could you tell them to knock it off?  All this rain has left me with a bummer of a migraine.  *sigh*


Today is Day 2 of the 31 Days of Halloween hosted by Missy and Annette.  Head on over and enter today’s drawing!


Silverlotus 7:15 PM  

The bag looks really great, Erica. I've recently got a pile of box bags for my knitting projects, and I've been thinking how nice it would be to have fabric bags for my cross stitch projects.

Where did you buy your pattern from?

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