Thursday, October 21, 2010

I’m still stunned.  I’ve tried to enter the 31 Days of Halloween Giveaway over at Missy Ann and Annette’s blogs as often as I can (but I missed a whole pile of days while I was down in Lancaster at Stitching Jubilee).  I didn’t really think I’d win anything and it’s fun just to look at all the lovely things they’ve been making and giving away.  Isn’t it wonderful to see such generosity of time, spirit and skill?


But I guess the goddess was smiling on me today.


I won!


Aren’t I lucky?  I can’t wait to see what arrives in my mailbox.


If you haven’t already, do go over and enter yourself!  You might be the next lucky winner!


I’ll have to post an update about Jubilee later.  I’m busy at the CreativFestival this weekend – taking classes and helping out again in Enchanting Lair’s booth!


Missy Ann 10:12 PM  


Thank you so much Erica. Your package is addressed, custom formed, and sitting on the front seat of my car ready to begin it's journey tomorrow.

gracie 8:10 AM  

Congrats to you!

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