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 Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Last night I decided to take the night off from the model (it’s *this* close to being finished) and I dug into my pile ‘o stash and came up with two ornaments that I felt like stitching.  These aren’t part of my ornament club – they’re just other patterns that were sitting around….


What amazed me is that in just a few hours, I actually managed to finish both of them.  That just never happens to me.  One of them is even finish-finished and ready to hang on the tree.


So, first up:



2010 Poinsettia Quilt

by Scandinavian Stitches

Stitched on 32-count Lugana

with Vaupei & Heilenbeck Flower Thread


I originally had no intention of stitching this ornament.  But, when I went to Stitching Jubilee, Scandinavian Stitches was selling the heart frame, ribbon, fabric and floss as a kit.  The price wasn’t too bad and I thought why not?  It was definitely one of the fastest stitches I’ve done.  I think it took me about 2 hours (with interruptions) to stitch it and mount it in its frame.


Next up, while reading Katrina’s blog, she showed a great Christmas freebie that she had stitched up.  For some reason it really attracted me, so I hiked over to Threadwork Primitives myself, printed off the pattern, put floss and fabric together and before you could say ‘Bob’s Your Uncle’, it was done!



Christmas Freebie

by Threadwork Primitves

Stitched on 28-count mystery linen

with Vikki Clayton Dragon Heart and DMC 986


I’m really pleased with how this turned out.  It looks really pretty.  Somehow I envision this as a rectangular little pillow….  I’ll have to rummage around the fabric bins and find the right fabric for it.


I’ve got to go get some Scientist stuff done today.  And I need to find a flounder.  Yes, a real flounder.  With all his scales and everything.  Yes, it’s for work.  Yes, I do have the world’s strangest job.  Why do you ask?  :-)


Silverlotus 4:32 PM  

Lovely finishes, Erica. I really like that heart ornament.

I hope you found your fish. :) (Boy, it feels weird to type that.)

BTW, no magnets yet. I've contacted the seller though, and she will send more if they haven't arrived by Friday.

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