Awesome Mail Day!

 Tuesday, November 02, 2010

I tripped my way down to the mailbox today only to find it stuffed to the gills.  And for a change, it wasn’t bills!


I was lucky enough to win Day 20 of the 31 Days of Halloween Giveaway that Missy Ann and Annette hosted over at their respective blogs.  Today my package arrived (which I swear is a record – things from the US usually take months!)….  Here’s what I received:



A gorgeously stitched pinkeep (I’m so in love with the ruched ribbon it’s scary!), a skeleton needleminder (which will shortly be adorning the current model I’m working on), a kitty threadwinder (in one of my favourite DMC colours, as luck would have it) and the best bag of candy goodies.  I’m hiding those from my DS’.  They’re all mine!  :-)


Here’s a closeup of the pinkeep front and back:


DSC05396 DSC05397

Thanks so much to Missy Ann for such a wonderful gift.  I feel so blessed today.


And the fun didn’t end there…..


Some time ago I signed up for a series of painted canvas kimonos that Janet Perry over at Nuts About Needlepoint was teaching on-line.  I admit that I’m terribly behind in the stitching of these kimonos (but I *WILL* get back to them soon), but I have been reading each lesson as it comes out.  They are so well written and easy to understand.  I can’t wait until I have time to get back to stitching them.  Today, however, the 4th canvas in the series arrived with its threadpack:



Most of the fibers are Waterlilies, Watercolours, Gloriana and GAST, but new to me will be the Soy Lustre from Pure Palette.  I love the vibrant colours in this kimono and the overdyed threads will be fun to play with…..


BUT, I’d better get back to work on the models first….


Missy Ann 2:26 PM  

You're very welcome Erica!

The design is by Bent Creek, the backing fabric - that's a cute story. SilverLotus up there in Canada sent me a fat quarter in an exchange package - so that is a very well traveled print.

Glad you like the rusched ribbon; I hated every second of making it. lol There's a reason you only see that once in the entire month of October. ;)

Silverlotus 8:33 PM  

What a fabulous mail day!

And it looks like that fabric travelled a long only to end up almost back home again. :)

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