A Finish Denied and Decisions Made

 Monday, November 08, 2010

I’ve been terribly misbehaved since the CreativFestival.  All I’ve been stitching is projects from the Festival.  But, the break from models has done me good and I’m looking forward to returning to the models again – especially the one that is pretty close to being finished!


I was blissfully working away on the ‘Live Fully’ sampler from Dragon Dreams that Jen taught at the Festival.  I made it to here:



It looks pretty good, right?  I really like how it’s turned out.  Sadly, I still have to complete the band at the very bottom and there’s another band between Live Fully and Love Deeply that needs finishing too.  Why didn’t I polish it off?  Well, I ran out of the blue fibre used (GAST Blue Jay)…… Seeing as it’s difficult to stitch with imaginary thread, I had to give it up for the night.  It’s a tad frustrating to run out that close to the end, but what can you do?  I have no Blue Jay in my stash (gasp!  the horror!), but I’ll remedy that soon enough – I love on-line ordering!  :-)


As for decisions that I’ve made……


For a good number of months now I’ve wanted to set up a monthly ornament club for myself.  I have so many ornament patterns floating about this house that I really wanted to stitch them.  The one thing that I find holds me back sometimes is having to find all the fibres, the fabric and the pattern and put it all together.  Basically, I can be lazy.


So, in an effort to make it simple-stupid for myself, I rounded up the patterns I want to stitch.  I did set some rules for myself this year.  Instead of working from the JCS ornie issues as I’ve done in the past, I decided that this year I was only going to stitch from purchased patterns.  There are so many that I like and I’ve yet to stitch one of them (which is truly sad).  Decisions made, I rummaged through the stash horde (I’ve surpassed having a pile of stash and graduated to a horde) and came up with these patterns:



You might notice that there’s a good number of Halloween patterns in there and that is deliberate.  I wasn’t going to limit myself to just Christmas ornies after all!  I did permit myself one freebie to toss into the mix – just cause I really like it!


I’ve figured out what fibres I need and they’ll be ordered with the GAST I need for Live Fully.  I’ve elected to not purchase any fabric for these ornies either – my fabric stash is obscenely large, so I’m forcing myself to rummage through the pile and use what I have on hand.


I think I’ll have some fun getting everything kitted.  I have gotten 5 things kitted already (okay, two were Mill Hill Kits, but I’m counting them as kitted!)…..  For the rest I just need to wait for my fibres to get here and then I can pick out my fabric.  I’ll need to make my working copies for the charts too…..


I know Silverlotus is copying borrowing using my idea too.  Anyone else care to join in?


Karen 10:09 AM  

I did something like this last year. I can be a bit lazy when it comes to kitting stuff up too. As much as I like fondling my stash, I get overwhelmed with making a decision on what to do next, what fabric to use, etc.... So, I kitted up a few things and have been working away at that pile. I'm nearing the end now and will probably do it again soon. I think the only big difference for me was that I didn't limit myself to purchased patterns. I kitted a few up from magazines. In the end, it made it so much easier, especially for small traveling projects. I could just grab one and go!

Craftkitten 11:09 AM  

I love the idea of kitting the items so that they are ready to stitch. I first need to finish some of the Creativ Festival items before I start anything else. I still have lots from previous years.

Anonymous,  12:17 PM  

1. Hmm, guess I need to be careful with that floss when I get to that project. Thx for the warning.

2. I like the ornament idea. I have a bunch of Mill Hill kits that I need to finish, so would start with them, since they are already kitted.

I wouldn't mind an ornament chart exchange. I've gotten some that I don't think I'll ever use, and would be happy to exchange.

Silverlotus 2:19 PM  

Live Fully looks great! But, darn, I guess I should pick up some more Blue Jay too. I'm not as frugal with fibres as I should be, so I'm sure I will run out if you did.

I haven't started November's ornament for my personal ornament club. I've decided that I will randomly pick which one to work on, except this month; I'm going to do the easiest since I have so much other stitching to do.

Anonymous,  4:30 PM  

I need to get back into stitching at least one Christmas ornie each month too - I have many from the JCS ornies with working copies and fabric cut and placed in baggies, but I need to add the floss ... might have to pull a dozen out and add the floss too - it's definitely true that when you have the kits ready to pick up and start you really do pick them up and start them! :P

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