Tuesday, January 05, 2010

New Year, New Projects, New Finishes!

Well, it seems everything is all shiny and new over here in my little corner of the planet.....

We had a pretty busy Christmas and New Year - running between family get-togethers and whatnot. The few times we were home, I elected to spend my time with my boys and DH rather than the computer. We had some great days playing the new games that Santa brought.

I did pull out my stitching as often as I could manage and I was surprised to trip over 2 ornaments that were almost finished. I got inspired to finish those up, then I stitched two more ornaments after that (one of which I completely forgot to photograph before it was given away!).
And all that *before* New Year's Eve!

Here's the lineup:

Freebie from Blue Ribbon Designs
stitched on mystery linen with DMC

From the November 2008 Gift of Stitching Magazine by Blue Ribbon Designs
stitched on the same mystery linen as above with DMC

Santa's Buddies by Angel Stitchin
from the 2009 JCS Ornament Issue
stitched on random piece of linen using recommended GAST
except instead of Simply Wool, I used the same colour but in Sampler Threads

This piece does call for some snowflake treasures to be sewn around the piece, but I'm undecided as to whether or not I'll add them. Funnily enough, my stash does actually contain the correct treasures (why I bought them or when I have NO idea!). I'll make a final decision before I actually finish-finish this one.

The fourth ornament that I stitched was Let It Snow from CHS that was in the 2008 JCS ornament issue. It turned out really pretty. You'll have to take my word on it.

I then had an enormous urge to stitch something that didn't involve little x's, so I started a canvaswork piece that has been begging me to start it for a while.

This is Ebb Tide from Northern Pine Designs. I bought this kit from Linda at a Festival about a year ago and it's been sitting in my stitching basket since them. I'm really enjoying the challenge of this piece, although the three green bands of bargello were almost enough to make me toss it! Oh well, they're done now!

And just to add to the project mayhem around here, I decided to participate in the Legends SAL over at the TWBB. I'm stitching Legends of the Dragons. I haven't gotten very far as I've had little time to work on it and I had an attack of the frogs too.....

I don't know how much progress will be made on any of these things in the near future as I've got a model with a tight deadline due to arrive any day now. Then I'll be diving into that piece at full speed.

Hope everyone had a great New Year and that 2010 is filled with all good things!


Xine 1:10 PM  

Happy New Year!

I really like the canvas work piece. I have a couple of canvas work patterns that I hope to get to this year.

I also got a chart for Legend of the Dragons, but am currently working on another piece, at the request of my husband and younger son. Since they rarely take much interest in my stitching, I figured I'd encourage them by going back to that piece! So LotD will wait until later in the year.

Heather 7:56 AM  

Happy New Year, Erica.

LotD is looking great. I think that silk was the perfect choice. I also really like the Northern Pine piece. I really should try some canvas work one day.

Anonymous,  4:20 PM  

I love your start on Ebb Tide - I have this one in my stash, but still not kitted up yet. Can't wait to follow your progress :)

All the very best for 2010 - I hope it is a year filled with awe and wonder for you and your family :)

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