Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Olympic Torch Comes to Visit

With the Vancouver Olympics fast approaching, the Olympic Torch is making its way westwards back to Vancouver. Last night it stopped in my hometown and naturally, we had to go check out all the action.

We met up with two of the mascots (Miga - the black one who is an apparent snowboarder and Quatchi - the big brown furry one who is a hockey player!):

There were some fun little giveaways that the boys were happy to get - tambourines, small little Coke bottles that light up, and some bells that are often rung during luge and skeleton races (and probably bobsleigh as well...):

(DS #1, being a mature 13 year-old, refused to be photographed, so only DS #2 would pose!)

We did run across one of the torchbearers after the torch completed its run and he was kind enough to pose with my guys for a snap:

There was *such* a huge crowd around that I was unable to get our torcherbearer's name, but he was very kind. So, thank you number 192!

We had a great time, despite losing feeling in our toes - it was pretty darned cold! It was an awesome experience and one I hope my boys never forget!


Dani - tkdchick 9:59 PM  

Unfortunately we missed the torch in our area we had other things to be at!

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