Wednesday, December 09, 2009

The Big 1-0!

'Tis a happy day in my little part of the world. We're celebrating one of the most special days in our little family's life. Today, my miracle baby turns 10. I look back at what we were looking at 10 years ago today:

I vividly remember looking at my little boy in his oxygen helmet and thinking 'You're alive, little one!' and being so full of joy and relief. I know the night after he was born I didn't sleep. I couldn't. I kept marveling at the fact that he'd beaten so many odds already and he wasn't even 24 hrs. old. I was terrified of what might come as we had no idea just what ordeals his birth defect would cause (7 surgeries later, I know!). I worried that he may have suffered some yet-unseen problem that we wouldn't know about until he was older. I was scared that I'd left him some awful genetic legacy - I'm adopted and at that point, I had not met my birthfamily so I had no clue what kind of genetic roulette I was playing.

Despite all that, it seems the heavens offered me the greatest gift of all. Not just another child to love. Not just someone who would surprise and amaze me at every turn. I've been offered a second child that would grow up just like everyone else - although just a little bit shorter than the rest (he's currently the size of an average 8 year old). What more could a mother ask for?

So today, we're celebrating my newly-minted 10 year old:

I couldn't be happier. The B painted this self-portrait at the beginning of the school year. I think he did a great job. Then again, I *am* his mom!

Happy Birthday little B. You made it! Love you lots!


Terri 1:05 PM  

I didn't know he had a birth defect! He sure is a cutie!!


Rebecca (AKA - Rebel In Ontario) 1:14 PM  

Happy Birthday B! Here is 100 more years to amaze your Mom!

Heather 7:38 PM  

Happy birthday, B!

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