Monday, January 25, 2010

First Finish of 2010

I think I set a personal record - I don't believe I've ever actually finished something in January... Starting something? Sure. Finished it within January, not so much....

Ebb Tide by Northern Pine Designs
Stitched on recommended canvas
with recommended fibres (DMC, RG, ThreadworX, Leah's Overdyed, Kreinik Metallic)

I really enjoyed this piece, but found a good number of errors in the charting. Some of the errors I found on the Northern Pine website, others I found all by my lonesome. I did make one mistake in the piece, but rather than going for an 'uber-frogging' session, I just figured out an alternative that isn't driving me crazy. I'm not telling just what that error is. :-)

Besides Ebb Tide, I have been working on other projects too - LOTD is still being picked up once in a while. Here's the never-ending border so far:

I really do love the overdyed fibre I picked out (well, okay, the folks at the LNS helped a TON!) - it looks just right! Now that Ebb Tide is done and dusted, it'll be time to work on this piece some more.

But, just to keep things interesting, I rummaged through the upstairs WIP basket (and yes, before you ask, there is a downstairs WIP basket too - we won't talk about the basement WIP basket, 'K?) and pulled out this old class piece. I took this class at a not-so-LNS at least a year ago. It's a really pretty canvaswork piece, but it doesn't photograph worth a darn - it's all creams and golds on a cream canvas. Here's where I am with it right now:

My apologies for the pitiful pictures today - it's actually raining (in Canada, in January!) today and quite grey and dreary all about.

I am going to start something new as well - a little birth sampler piece for a special little baby born in the last couple of weeks. The little tyke was born missing the connection between his esophagus and his stomach and has already had 4 hours of surgery to reconnect everything. He's doing well now, but what a scary experience for first-time parents to go through! I think he deserves a special stitched piece....

Off to play with my stash!


Silverlotus 4:00 PM  

Isn't the weather awful? We had to walk Baby Man to the doctor too because of his car sickness thing. (The dr. offered a great solution. I hope it works!)

My heart goes out to those parents. I remember you mentioning them the other week. I hope the baby and the parents are doing well.

I really want to try some canvas work after seeing your pieces. Maybe I'll look into it more come the spring, once I have some other things done. (ha!)

Anonymous,  3:16 PM  

Ebb Tide looks fantastic all finished - congrats! And thanks for the heads-up on all the errors, as I have this one pretty much kitted up ready to go (although I'm replacing the Leah's with 2 x Threadworx threads). Look forward to seeing your progress on the cream and gold heart :)

Sara 5:29 PM  

Ebb Tide is gorgeous!! I have a couple charts from Northern Pine Designs but haven't tried them, I might just have to dig them out now:)

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