Monday, June 01, 2009

I filled out a very important form this morning....

After waiting countless years for this, today I have applied to finally get my birth information. I have been waiting over 15 years to find this information. I have already found out most info through other means, but now I can get my original birth registration that will contain my birth parents names. This is a good day that is a long time coming. I'm only sorry that this legislation has taken just long enough that both of my birth parents are dead and I will never be able to meet them. Still, for other adoptees perhaps they will finally be able to come full circle and close the hole that is left by a closed adoption.

Finger still hurts like heck, stitching is possible, but slow. And doesn't it just figure that I've got *another* model coming right away too? Nothing for months and then all of a sudden everyone wants me at the same time.....


The Chilly Hollow Needlepoint Adventure 1:39 PM  

Good luck! And perhaps you will find family members that round out your life.

Granna Judy 11:58 AM  

I hope with Jane that you will find some birth family members -- it would seem a shame to come so far and not meet anyone!


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