Tuesday, June 30, 2009

So, we've been a little busy......

Looking back over photographs we've taken in the last 18 months (um, we kinda forget to actually take the photographs somewhere to be printed on actual paper....), I realized that June has been quite busy in our little neck of the woods....

First, my nephew got married (he's the dude in the tux and he's standing with my parents and his new wife):

It was a day fraught with *issues* (namely that neither the mother of the groom nor the mother of the bride elected to attend the wedding for what I can only decide are *stupid* reasons), but we did our best to have a lovely day. The weather did co-operate as for weeks previously it had been cold and rainy. The day of the wedding was clear, sunny and pleasantly warm.

Then DS#1 broke his finger - we found out from the dr. that he has an undisplaced fracture - meaning it's broken but luckily nothing has shifted out of place. We're into our 3rd week of having it buddy taped. It's still swollen and sore and he can't do silly things like cut his meat at dinner or open a bottle of water or ride his bike, but we're managing. He'll likely be taped up for at least another week and then he'll need to learn how to use it again.

After that bit of drama, I had to work for a few days, DH had his birthday:

We took him out to a nice restaurant for dinner. Upon hearing it was his birthday, the servers at the restaurant promptly got together, brought out the longhorn hat and got the restaurant to sing him Happy Birthday (DH said the hat was really heavy and very hard to keep from tipping backwards off his head)....

End of the school year craziness set in next and I was busy preparing for the Grade 5 graduation at DS#2's school (he won't graduate until next year, but I always help out preparing for it each year). It was *such* a relief to get to the last day of school. Both boys did well on report cards and much joy was had by all.... :-)

This past weekend had me realizing that I was definitely spending my time in a small town....

How did I know this, you ask? In a word, PoultryFest....

We saw lots of chickens:

We watched the chicken chariot races:

Believe it or not, they actually hook up small chariots (you can't really see them in the picture) to the chickens and release them in lanes. Chickens, being somewhat dim bulbs, don't know what to do and so they walk back and forth looking confused. It's not really a race, but more of a see who might wander down to the other end..... One did make it to the end of the race and escaped the enclosure. Much hilarity ensued as the chicken made his bid for freedom whislt at least a dozen people made attempts to catch him. I was rooting for the chicken, but sadly he was recaptured and hooked up to his chariot for the second heat.....

Later in the day we watched the Egg Drop:

If you look carefully, you can see a dude in a cherry picker (it's got the 1-800-RENT-CAT sign on it). He stands up there with a whole lot of eggs. There's a measuring tape so they know how high the cherry picker is. The kids stand beneath the dude in the cherry picker and attempt to catch the eggs as he drops them. If they catch the egg and don't break it, they're in the next round when the cherry picker goes higher. If it breaks (and splats and makes a big mess all over the hapless child), the catcher is eliminated. The winner caught an egg from 39ft. up. It's quite funny to watch the kids try to catch the egg. They do the same thing with adults too, but we didn't stay to watch that.

Poultryfest is a really great family event - all the inflatable stuff you can see in the background is completely free - and DS#2 made good use of it all. There were all kinds of climbing structures and slides.... There was a tractor pull and an antique and classic car show as well. You could spend the day there and not part with a penny. We however, did buy food and drinks while there but even that was reasonably priced. It was a lot of fun and I'm glad we went.

On the stitching front, I'm still plugging away at models. One is almost done, the other I still need to pull DMC for (generally designers do provide the DMC, but I asked not to for the second model because I have so darned much of the stuff here! ).... I haven't picked up a single project for myself, beyond another attempt at knitting a sock with a heel. Attempt #1 was comical - I discovered after turning the heel that I was knitting in two different sizes - I started off knitting for size small, then switched to medium and then went back to small again. So, if you've got really wierd feet, I would have had the perfect sock.... Being human, they wouldn't have fit me, so I frogged the whole thing and am working my way through again, but in the correct size this time. Cross your fingers that I keep one size through the whole sock....

I'm off to prepare for a Canada Day BBQ tomorrow. If you're Canadian, Happy Canada Day! If you're not, Happy Canada Day anyway........and an early Happy 4th of July to all those Americans out there!


Silverlotus 2:42 PM  

You've had a busy month, Erica!

Best of luck on turning your sock heel. Once you do it right the first time, every other time will just get easier.

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