Friday, June 12, 2009

Are we jinxed?

I'm starting to wonder if there's some kind of finger-injury hex hanging over our house....

DS#1 was picked up from school on Wednesday afternoon because he'd hurt his finger. Apparently, when in a group, 12-year-old boys act like idiots (not a real surprise, but anyway...). They were 'playing' (notice the quotes) tug-of-war with DS#1's hat (why, I'll never know). Somehow it involved yanking things so hard, that DS#1's ring finger on his right hand swelled up like an over-stuffed sausage.....

Advil, x-rays and a few hours later left him with his finger buddy-taped to its neighbour and admonishions to keep it immobile as much as possible.

Dr. called yesterday afternoon. It's not just bashed to death, but is, in fact, broken. Two weeks of taping, then more X-rays. Much pain all around.

DS#1, however, is enjoying the idea of not having to write anything for the next two weeks.

So, whoever cast the finger jinx on my house, could you please lift it??????

(My finger is much improved, although still swollen and hurts when touched or moved too much.)

Sorry for no pictures today - I'm working on the first of two models, so I can't show anything. The first model is going really fast - it's small so hopefully it'll be done in a week or two at most.

I'm going to go look up a finger-injuring repel spell or something.....

Off to find my research books ( :-) ), then proofread the Summer issue of ANPT!


Silverlotus 12:10 PM  

Wow, that is bad luck. He must be happy that is happened so close to the of school.

Have fun with your proofreading. I like ANPT. I really should subscribe to it...

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