Thursday, December 20, 2007

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas..............

What a crazy time it's been since little B's birthday. (guess I should call him big B now...) Thanks to everyone for your kind comments and birthday wishes for my miracle. He's pretty amazing all around, but then I'm his mom, I'm *supposed* to think that! :-)

I've been very pre-occupied with physiotherapy for my knee. I'm pleased to note that I've tossed the cane to the curb this week. I can walk fairly normally, although I think a turtle could pass me without too much difficulty. I can even manage stairs quite well, as long as I only have to go *up* them. Down is not good. Down hurts. Did you know down requires bending? My knee doesn't really *do* bending just yet......

I did have an ornament-finishing frenzy in the last few weeks. Every year a bunch of friends all get together for a cookie exchange and afternoon social. We pig out on each other's treats, then take some home to pig out on in private. :-) For the last few years, I've been stitching an ornament to go with my cookies. This year I was determined to stitch different ornaments for each package of cookies and I actually managed it:

(I know it's very yellow, but it was the best picture of the half dozen or so that I took!)

From all accounts everyone liked their ornaments. I'm quite pleased that I managed to get as many done as I did. The whole surgery thing really messed up my planning for Christmas.

Our Christmas tree finally got decorated this week and I even managed to hang the garlands around doorways inside. It's looking very festive - I'll have to try and snap some pictures, especially since we have 3 Christmas trees this year. Of course, my photography skills being what they are, they'll likely look dreadful, but I'll give it a go anyway!

It looks like we'll have a slushy Christmas here this year - while we've had lots of snow (lots and lots of snow), it's also decided to warm up and rain a bit, leaving us with slush. Yick. Oh well, at least it's not mud (yet)! :-)

Time for bed! More baking to do tomorrow - so far I've made 4 batches of fudge (peppermint & cookies 'n creme), rolled oat shortbread, chocolate cherry chunk cookies, coconut cranberry bars, gingerbread cake and chocolate chip orange zucchini bread. Anyone else gaining weight as I type? I can't wait to give it all away so that I can't eat it all!


Vonna 6:56 AM  

Well sure wish I was in that Cookie/Ornie exchange!
Sounds like your doing much better with the knee...keep up the good work.
And I think I just gained 10 lbs. !

Karin 5:21 PM  

It sounds like you've been busy! Your ornaments are lovely - I'm sure that the other ladies will love them.

tkdchick 9:49 PM  

All your ornies turned out beatuifully! Take care of that knee don't over do it with the holidays!

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