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 Friday, March 04, 2011

Well, a glance at the calendar reveals that today is the New Moon which equates to TUSAL day….  My ORT jar didn’t take a huge jump this month, as I predicted.  Besides working a lot, I’ve been working hard at revising a *huge* chart for a designer I work with.  It’s been a slow and steady slog to the finish – but it’s almost done now.  I’m mostly double-checking and formatting to make it pretty now….


Here’s my jar:



I’ve added a lot of pink to the jar this past month, and here’s why:  you might remember the little giveaway I hosted in February?  Jessica won the giveaway and I noticed this morning that she received what I sent her.  Thankfully Canada Post didn’t eat/destroy the package as per usual, nor did Customs decide that it needed to be rummaged through.  Here’s some photos of what I sent her:



I’ve been on a real kick sewing these project bags as of late (it helps that I’ve got a sewing machine that has made sewing a joy instead of a pain!).  I found this pretty red fabric and thought it would make some cute bags.  And then because I had some leftovers of the fabric, I decided that I *had* to stitch something too….  So I remembered a pattern that I had for a while and put fabric, floss and pattern together.  Here’s a better picture of the final result:



This is a freebie pattern I found on Hoffman’s site.  IIRC, this pattern was supposed to be available for free from needlework shops – and it was supposed to come with fabric and floss as well, to encourage some new stitchers.  I just thought it was a pretty pattern, so I stitched it up.  I used GAST Simply Shaker ‘Berry Cobbler’ and stitched it on a random piece of 32-count linen of some persuasion – I’m not entirely sure where it came from, to tell you the truth.  It was just a little piece of linen that was floating around in the stash heap.


And because I can’t help myself, I included some other goodies too:



And I put everything in this cute little bag I found



Now I need to get back to the chart I’m editing and I think we’re just about out of TP and Kleenex, so I think there’s a grocery run in my future too!


Amy 11:30 AM  

Just popping in to see your TUSAL post for March and say "hi". I love your project bags.

Anonymous,  12:39 PM  

Awesome package. And I really like your project bags. Need to take a pic of my TUSAL. Got a new container for it, since I broke the last one.

Kathy A. 2:46 PM  

Lovely gift package you put together.

Silverlotus 3:24 PM  

What a nice prize!

Daffycat 11:56 AM  

Really lovely TU update!

That was an awesome giveaway prize you sent!

Measi 1:26 PM  

Thanks for the kind plug for my giveaway on your blog, Erica - I do appreciate it! I've been catching up on many of your entries this week - I love your writing style. :) I've added you to my Google Reader and will continue popping in.

Dani - tkdchick 11:37 PM  

Erica what an awesome parcel you put together! Is there a tutorial somewhere on how to make those project bags?

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