Well, nothing bad happened for *almost* a month….

 Wednesday, February 02, 2011

But things just couldn’t last, could they?


My sister-in-law called this morning to tell me that my nephew and his wife had a little baby boy yesterday.  Normally, this is a cause for much rejoicing.  But my newest great-nephew was born at only 25 weeks.  He’s in the NICU at a great hospital and we’re all crossing our fingers and hoping he’ll be okay.  So, if you’ve got a minute or two, spare a good wish for my little great nephew, ‘K?  Thanks.


Today was called as a snow day, although there wasn’t a ton of snow.  I was quite happy to stay home though – I was supposed to be working today and I wasn’t looking forward to the drive.  I was really happy when the school I was supposed to go to e-mailed me at 6:20 this morning to say they were closed.  So happy, in fact, that I put my jammies back on and climbed back into bed for another couple of hours.


I did manage to finish a couple of things…..


First up:



Moire by Pelin Tezer

Freebie can be found here.

Stitched on random bit of white linen (28-count, I think) with recommended DMC


This piece really needs a bath and some ironing…  I’m not really a pink person, but I really like how this piece turned out.  I have *no* idea what I’ll do with it just yet, but I’m sure something will pop into my head.


I mentioned a while ago that I joined a monthly needlepoint ornament club.  I finally pulled fibres for it and got down to business.  It wasn’t as easy as I thought it might be to pull a monochromatic colour scheme and I was determined to work with what I had in my stash (since my stash isn’t exactly small, I knew I’d have a good selection)….  Unsurprisingly, my choices led me to purples:



Believe it or not, all these colours are from the same colour family – or at least my DMC colour card says so.  I used that as a reference when I was pulling fibres.  I’ve stitched this in a mix of Kreinik, Rainbow Gallery fibres and plain old DMC.    I had lots of fun with this and I stitched it in an evening or two.  I plan on keeping all of these ‘ornaments’ in a binder with the instructions for that month.  I don’t intend to make these pieces into Christmas ornaments – they’re exercises in colour and threads, so I’m collecting them all up in a binder along with the really well written instructions from Janet Perry.


After finishing the above pieces, I felt a case of startitis coming on and I was sorely tempted to start one of the (many) kitted pieces from my stash.  I tried to resist.  Really, I did.  I finally talked myself off the ledge from starting another BAP.  But I did have to start another ornament to console myself:



This  is the beginning of Season of Love by CCN from the 2010 JCS ornie preview issue.  This isn’t my February ornament for my self-imposed ornament-of-the-month club – it’s just something I had kitted up to stitch ‘someday’.  I’m hopeful it’ll cure my startitis.  It’s not looking promising, but keep your fingers crossed for me.  There’s no shortage of things already in progress around here.  But there’s at least 3 pieces (all kitted and ready to go, no less) that are calling my name.  Picture me sticking my fingers in my ears and saying ‘la-la-la-la-la’ *really* loudly!


Time to figure out dinner!


Blu 10:34 PM  

Congrats on the great nephew. Hope he's fine and home soon.

Moire is absolutely gorgeous!

Anonymous,  7:44 AM  

Best wishes for the great nephew.

Love the pink thing. The purple thing too!

I got rid of some of my "stitched but don't know what to do with it" pieces recently to a charity group who finishes them into quilts, bags, bookmarks, etc and gives them to local old age homes, women's shelters, Ronald McDonald house for kids undergoing hospital treatment, etc. Figured that the pieces would get good use since I didn't know what to do with them. Let me know if you'd like the group info.

DaisyGirl 11:04 PM  

My great niece was born at 26 weeks! Our sweet baby girl has finally made it home and doing great! I'll keep prayers going for your nephew!

Heffroberts 11:44 PM  

Modern medicine is a marvelous thing but I will still pray for your family during this stressful time.
Your "Moire by Pelin Tezer" is beautiful, I just love the gradation of colors from outside to in. Beautiful work, and best wishes to you and yours.
♥H U G S♥

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