Tuesday, January 04, 2011

So, since it’s fairly certain I’ll have lots more time on my hands for stitching this year, I decided to join a completely fun and a little bit silly SAL:



If you don’t know what the TUSAL is, basically you keep your ORTs and photograph them every new moon.  It’s being hosted by It’s Daffycat.  You can still sign up if you’re interested.  There’s even going to be prizes (talk about generous!)!


Today is the new moon, so I dutifully photographed my ORTs.  I originally had a really pretty container for them, but DH saw my ORTs in it and immediately threw them out.  After fishing them out of the trash, I’m hoping they can live in their new home, a basic mason jar.  Heaven only knows how long it will last.


Anyway, here’s the jar so far:


Jan 4 2011


There’s not much in it really – a few bits of fabric cut off from finishing ornies and some sewing thread from a few pouches I managed to sew before Christmas.  There are some threads in there from both the models I’ve got on the go.  Let’s hope between now and the next new moon that there's a few more things in the jar.  And that DH doesn’t decide to throw them all out again. 


I wonder if I’ll fill up the whole jar over the course of a year?  Wouldn’t that be interesting to watch!


Parsley 6:18 PM  

I wanted to stop by and visit another TUSAL participant. Happy Stitching!

Nicola 8:44 PM  

Thats funny about the DH "cleaning up"!I'm using a basic mason jar for the same reason, I figure DH will mess with it less!

Anonymous,  9:01 PM  

You have a great start to your Jar. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm going to add you to my blog list so I can visit more.

Hi, I'm Carol 9:20 PM  

Silly, yet fun stitch a long. Good luck filling your jar!

Loralynn 9:28 PM  

Love that your Husband threw them means he was trying to be helpful...that's priceless!

Erica 9:02 AM  

I am completely safe with my TUSAL jar. My DH would never consider cleaning anything! LOL!

Jessica @BeforeTheDawn 9:38 AM  

Hi Erica, thanks for the visit. :) I see Santa brought you a mixer... can you tell Santa to bring me one too since he likes you so much?! ;)

Anonymous,  10:11 AM  

Welcome to TUSAL --- don't let DH near the jar. LOL

Happy stitching.

Measi 2:43 PM  

*waves from the TUSAL participant list*

My husband almost threw mine out - and then I pointed out that the jar was my way of preventing stray scrap threads from getting into cat tummies (our cats looooove my thread bobbins).

So now the jar sits proudly on his side table! :)

Happy stitching this year!

Daffycat 8:51 PM  

Thank heavens you rescued those ORTs! I hope DH understands now!

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