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 Thursday, January 06, 2011

So now that the mailman has finally gotten back to work this week (I swear between Dec. 24 and Jan. 3 he only actually delivered mail twice), something pretty amazing appeared in my mailbox – a package from Silverlotus!


Look what was inside:



Aren’t they the most adorable little creatures?  I’m going to be sorry to pack them away with the Christmas decorations….  I just love them.


And then there was more!  Look!



Isn’t that the prettiest ornament?  My large tree (I actually have 3 Christmas trees up – one large, one medium & one small one) has been undecorated and is waiting to go out on garbage day and my medium tree is in pieces awaiting to go back in the box, so my small tree got to hold this ornie for its beauty shot.  I can’t wait until next year when it can hang on the big tree – any handmade ornaments always hang on the big tree to keep them safe from marauding kitties.


Now feeling thoroughly spoiled, I was surprised to find this last thing in my package:




Which opened up to reveal:



Some of the prettiest notecards I’ve ever seen.  I perennially forget to buy simple notecards to include with gifts that I send to people and now that problem has been solved for me for a while.


Haven’t I been spoiled?  Thanks so much Heather!  I love everything!


As for the evidence I’ve found…..  I found more evidence that I can procrastinate until it’s stupid…..  Today, while rummaging about on my cutting table (and old desk of DS#1’s that I claimed), a couple of very old projects turned up.  These things have been stitched for ages – one since 2006 and the other since 2008 (!) but I hadn’t done one simple thing to finish-finish them – sew a single, straight line……  I even had everything pinned and ready to sew….  I just needed to put sewing machine and project together.  After giving myself a smack upside the head, I put sewing machine and project together and I’ve now got two needlecases ready to use….


DSC05661 DSC05662

DSC05664 DSC05665


I think it took all of 5 minutes to sew these up.  Eye-rolling


On the up-side, they’re no longer languishing in the finishing pile and I can start using them!  ‘Tis a good day!


Thanks for all the comments on my TUSAL and some of my other posts.  In an effort to comment more on the blogs I read, I’ve been dashing around to many of the TUSAL participant blogs and trying to leave a comment.  It’s been wonderful ‘meeting’ some new people and finding lots of new blogs to add to my blog reader – I’m going to need to spend some time updating my blogroll too.


Silverlotus 6:35 PM  

I'm so glad you liked everything. Sorry about the package being late. :/

Looks like the little amigurumi guys got a little squished in transit, but thankfully everything is in one piece. Unlike last time. :)

Blu 8:43 PM  

What fun mail!

Love the needlebooks. They're both very pretty.

Anonymous,  10:17 PM  

What fun. I love the dragon needlecase. It is such a wonderful pattern. I use mine all the time. It is my main case with all of my needles in it.

Happy New Year!

Terri 2:08 PM  

Love the needlecases! You do beautiful work!

What a wonderful friend, sending you all those goodies!

Ziggyeor 11:03 PM  

That's OK I started stitching in 2004 and the first project I ever did still isn't framed! The only things that I end up getting finished are things for other people!

I love your little needle books.

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