Friday, July 17, 2009

The Traveling Project's First Adventure...

We got kind of a late start heading to the cottage as it seemed to just take us *forever* to get packed and loaded. You'd think we were going away for years instead of just 1 week.... But anyway, we were finally off around 10:30 in the morning and I pulled out the Traveling Project. I got lots of curious looks from other drivers as we wove our way along the highway.

We were all hungry by noon, so the project made it's first pit stop:

We did, however, elect to go in and sit down. The project chose to remain in the van whilst we ate as it was concerned about getting dirty. :-)

Much refreshed, we continued northwards and stopped here:

Despite having driven past this conservation area for the last 13 years, we've never stopped before. The project's appearance caused a large dump truck to stop and look at what the crazy lady with the camera was doing. He declined to have his picture taken with the project. You'd think it was poisoned or something....

We decided to go spelunking for a bit. The project took one look at the dirt, grime, mud and mess in the caves and elected to stay in the van while the rest of us wriggled, crawled and duck-walked through the caves. They were super cool and very interesting to poke around in.

The project was getting bored and wanted to move again, so after a few hours we finally gave into its incessant pleading (I've never had such a vocal project before!), and continued on to:

This is the marina where we park our van and hop into the boat for the ride to the cottage. The project was happy to have its picture taken again, although it knew it wouldn't come out again since we'd arrived at our destination. Another person stopped to watch the crazy lady with her camera, but again declined to hold it and be photographed. Is it me?

The Project spent a relaxing week at the cottage, but did keep asking if we were going anywhere so it could come out and play..... I had to remind it that we weren't traveling while at the cottage, but rather enjoying being in one place.

We finally headed for home, but I wasn't quite feeling up to snuff, so I had to ask the Traveling Project for a reprieve on the way home - I didn't think I could manage stitching and the motion of the van at the same time. It agreed as long as I promised that it could come out to play again on our next adventure.

So, we are off again on the weekend - heading to a rodeo and the annual family golf tournament. With a bit of luck I'll be able to get *someone* to hold the darned thing and let me take a picture!

As for the project itself, for those that have asked, it's a freebie from gazette94. I'm stitching it with plain old DMC (550 & 3821) on a hand-dyed fabric from Enchanting Lair called Passion Myst.


Arthemise 12:55 PM  

Sounds like fun!

The Chilly Hollow Needlepoint Adventure 1:02 PM  

Your experience confirms my guess that the Yarn Harlot hypnotizes folks into holding her sock de jour.

Silverlotus 2:03 PM  

Yay! I can't wait to read more of the Travelling Project's adventures.

And I agree, the Yarn Harlot must have secret people persuading powers. I can barely get my husband to carry my sock knitting to me, let alone pose with it for a picture!

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