Thursday, July 16, 2009

Home again, home again, jiggity jog....

Well, we made it home late last night after a relatively nice week at the cottage. The weather wasn't the greatest - I think there's something horribly wrong with wearing jeans and sweaters in the middle of July! - but we did manage to enjoy ourselves nonetheless.

I noticed that Silverlotus received the blog giveaway prize that I sent her just before we headed north. I still can't believe how long it took me to get my act together - I did the drawing way back in February! Thankfully Heather has some serious patience!

You see, I have had the good fortune to have met Silverlotus a few times over the years and while I fully admit that I don't know her well, I felt a real urge to attempt to make something personal and not just stitch any old thing. That's where all the problems started. :-) It was hard to decide on a project and then even harder to get the thing stitched and finished. Then I half changed my mind and stitched something else entirely and attempted to finish that. Then I couldn't decide, so I sent both things. I wanted to include some other fun things too, so I did some serious snooping around Silverlotus' blog and tried hard to come up with a few things that would make her happy. The end result took far too long, but I think the end product was worth it. Here's some pictures (there's more on Silverlotus' blog too - go look!):

This is only the second tape measure cover I've ever made and while it's not perfect, I'm relatively happy with the end product. This is the over-one project that I was working on some time ago that was giving me fits! I think I started and re-started the darned thing at least 3 or 4 times before I finally got it to work. I found the pattern in a stash dive and thought Heather would like it.

Here's the back of the tape measure:

Then came the second project:

I found this freebie on-line somewhere, but darned if I can find it now. I played with some Dinky-dyes that I had in my stash (I know, hardly a surprise, right?). The finishing on this gave me fits to no end - I've never attempted something heart-shaped before. I did discover the merits of photocopying though - I copied the finished piece and then drew a heart shape around it that was slightly larger and used that as a template to cut out the mat board I used to mount everything. Sounds simple, right? Well, it was downhill all the way from there though. :-) I stupidly cut the stitched heart too small (I have a math degree, but apparently don't have any ability to actually *use* those skills.... *sigh*), so I had to fiddle with the heart shape and it's smaller than I originally intended. However, it did come together for me in the end. Naturally, I'm not entirely happy with the finished piece, but then I rarely am. I'm probably being too critical, particularly because this was a gift. Anyway, it's done now and in Heather's hands....

Here's the back of the heart:

And the rest of the toys I sent:

Just a few things from her wish list and some cute little finger puppets that I had put away for just the right little person.

I'm very happy she seems to like what I've done.

I have an update on the Traveling project's adventures from last week, but that will have to wait for another post - the laundry pile is threatening to overwhelm the house and I'd better attend to that right away!


Silverlotus 12:05 PM  

Thank you again, Erica, for everything! I love the designs you stitched for me. I think the finishing is great! (I also think we are all way to critical of our own skills.) And the rest, well, you are amazingly generous! And you did a perfect job knowing what I would like.

Baby Man loves th finger puppets. They are scattered everywhere. He keeps bring them up to us in ones and twos and making us play with them for him.

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