Thursday, July 23, 2009

It's me, I'm sure it's me.....

The traveling project had a little adventure last weekend. We headed down to my in-laws house to go the rodeo:

Because we went to the Saturday night show, the light went early, so the project chose to stay in the van rather than come up to the grandstand. The rodeo was lots of fun though. Well run and things moved quickly. Much fun was had all around. I didn't enjoy the calf-roping at all though, it looked painful in the extreme. Everything else looked like fun and it was clear to see how well cared for and how well trained the animals were.

The next day was DH's family's annual golf tournament. My FIL has 5 brothers, all of whom are married with assorted children and grandchildren. About 26 years ago they started having an annual family golf tournament - the younger kids would play mini-golf while the adults would play 9 holes of golf. They even have trophies..... The project arrived a little early (DH and both DS' wanted to hit a bucket of balls on the driving range before playing....):

In an attempt to get *someone* to hold the darned thing, I did ask the nice people that own the golf course if they would let me take their picture with the project, but they declined. Maybe I have a habit of always picking folks who don't want their picture taken????

There was so much family around and we were so busy catching up that the project got put back in its bag for the rest of the day. I admit to forgetting about it in all the enjoyment....

The project did have another mini-adventure on Tuesday when we took DS#2 to Sick Kids to see his endocrinologist for another checkup. I didn't take any pictures, however. I stress out just enough when at Sick Kids that photographs really aren't high on my list of to-dos. DS#2 did have a good check-up though and it looks like a treatment we were hoping to avoid (it involved needles daily for 4 years!), we are going to be able to skip it. Good news there! We return in September to meet with DS#2's urology team to schedule what we hope will be his last surgery.

This weekend has us taking off to Gananoque for the weekend with all of DH's immediate family (my MIL, FIL, all my BILs and SILs, and all my nieces and nephews - we'll total 16!). Hopefully the project won't get into too much mischief! (and if you see me wielding my project, won't you let me take your picture with it? Please???? It won't hurt, I promise!)


Silverlotus 4:41 PM  

I really like reading about your travelling project's adventures.

I took one with me when I went to give blood this past weekend, but they were so fast I didn't have any time to stitch at all!

Rebecca (AKA - Rebel In Ontario) 8:28 AM  

If you let me know where you will be on Sunday - late morning, I'm driving thru Gan on my way to my parents in Lansdowne...I'll stop and let you take my picture with your travelling piece!

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