Saturday, February 07, 2009

And the winner is................

(Thanks to for it's random help!)

If you can't read who won, I'm happy to say the winner is Silverlotus! Go visit her blog. She's got the cutest little boy and some wonderful stitching and knitting too. I've even had the pleasure of meeting her in person. So, Heather, please e-mail me at (you'll need to remove spaces) e k i l l i n s @ r o g e r s . c o m . Congratulations!

I'm terribly sorry I can't give *everyone* a prize, but my resources are limited and so is my time, unfortunately.

I've got some finishes to share (2, in fact), but I'll save those for another day!

Off to rummage through my stash for the perfect project!


Silverlotus 6:28 PM  

Yay! Thanks Erica!

KerStitch 1:03 PM  

Congratulations Silverlotus!

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