Monday, May 26, 2008


It feels like forever. It was a battle waged with needle and evil DMC metallic thread. The battlefield was black Lugana. The good have emerged victorious. Two, count 'em, two models done! Done! Done! Done! I'd show pictures, but they won't be published for another month or so. But they're done. Did I mention they're done?

As a reward to myself for emerging victorious, I started this:

Preplexed? Well, I've dubbed it the Big Red Blob (to go with the Big Grey Blob). It's really Nora Corbett's Poppy. I am so in love with this piece. I started it at midnight last night after putting the last bead in the last model. Did I mention the models are done?

Over the May long weekend (May 17 - 18 for the Canucks) I took my Lizzie Kate Double Flips with me instead of the model as the cottage isn't necessarily the best place to stitch on black fabric. I made some good progress:

I've now received the rest of the patterns to finish this piece. Now that the models are done (just in case you didn't notice that they're finished), I can devote some more time to this piece. It's such a nice uncomplicated stitch. Pretty too.

My friend and I are still plugging away at the Creativ Festival Sampler too. We missed a couple of weeks in there due to sick kids (they took turns so she missed one week and I missed the next), but we're still moving forward:

Please pardon the fat cat tummy. Callie decided she needed to be in the picture. I'm not sure of her choice of anatomy though.....

Off to stitch something that isn't a model. Did I mention I'm done the models???


Meari 11:05 AM  

Your projects look great, Erica. I know what you mean about the metallics... yucky! I just got the final two LK's also. Now I just need to finish up my Mime UFO so I can start the LK's!

tkdchick 11:34 PM  

I'm glad you got your models finished too! They became quite a chore in the end!

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