Thursday, June 26, 2008

A Month? It's been a Month?

I had no idea just how long it's been since I posted last. It has been an eventful month - mostly filled with end-of-the-school-year stuff and I haven't had gobs of stuff to say. I've been a good stitcher though - or well, I've been trying......

I've taken a couple of classes since I last posted - one that had me digging into that mysterious tin that I posted about a while ago, another was a great canvaswork class at a new-to-me shop. I'll have to post the details on those later though as I can't find the pictures I took! I must have offloaded them somewhere in my black-hole of a computer.... Meanwhile....

Here's an update on my Lizzie*Kate Double Flips - I haven't been devoting a ton of time to this lately, but it's calling to me again:

I have to admit that lately, Poppy has been calling to me more than anything else. Here she is so far - she was much further along, but I discovered that having a Math degree doesn't enable me to count. Therefore, I had a fit of frogging and I'm in the process of catching up again:

She's just so pretty. I am looking forward to getting back to her.

I stopped working on Poppy and the double flips to stitch a biscornu for DS#2's teacher. It turned out really pretty. But, my camera doesn't like to focus, so it took an almost impossible to see picture. It's so bad I daren't post it. I even took more than one shot and not one of them is fit for the human eye. I really need a decent camera. *sigh* Trust me when I say it looked pretty???

One picture that *did* turn out was a picture of the flowers that I did for the teachers and crossing guards. Every year I try and do up a bunch of fresh flower arrangements for the various teachers that touch my son's life. Here's what this year's bunch looked like:

DS#2 wrote all the thank-you cards on each bunch of flowers too. They're always well received and appreciated by all. They smelled heavenly too. Six arrangements in all and the best part is - I get the leftover flowers for myself, so the kitchen is smelling pretty too.

I am so glad that the school year is over. Today we all just lounged around the house and were complete slugs. I don't believe we did a single productive thing all day. 'Tis good for the soul! Although I imagine tomorrow I should goad the children into dealing with the mess created by bringing home all their school stuff. I feel a paper flurry coming on.

For now though, I'm off to put needle to fabric....


tkdchick 12:37 PM  

Erica your double flips are looking great!!! I was releived to get those fairies done too! That was six too many!

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