Sunday, January 13, 2008

The Art Show

This past week, DS#2's school held an art show at a local gallery. It featured art from all grades - JK through to Grade 5 (ages 4 to 11, approximately). Parents and teachers were also invited to submit pieces for display.

I had no idea of the level of talent of these kids and it was so exciting to see their work displayed in a professional setting! And I was pleasantly surprised at how much talent the teachers have at our school as well. Many of the parents who displayed work I was already aware of their tremendous talent, but what they submitted for display was above and beyond!

The school hosted an open house this past Thursday night and at a rough guess we think we had about 300 parents, students and teachers attend. It was a wonderful evening and I really enjoyed seeing kids drag their parents over to their art and point it out with such pride!

Without further ado, here are a few pictures of our little art show:

The title of our show was 'Buds to Blooms'. (note I've blurred out the name of our school - it isn't just my bad photography skills!)

These are some charcoal drawings done by some of our Grade 4 and 5 students.

This quilt was made by some teachers at the school for another teacher who wasn't well. The drawings in the window were done by a teacher.

This is another art piece put together by a Grade 3 class.

This is a shot out the front window. On the easel is a piece done by a Grade 2 student (top), one of my needlework pieces at the bottom. On the left is a watercolour done by a teacher. On the right is a picture painted by a Grade 4 student and laying on the floor is a Rememberance Day wreath made by a Grade 5 class.

Yes, after much encouragement, I submitted 3 of my needlework pieces for display. While my work isn't what most consider to be traditional art, people seemed to enjoy seeing my work.

Off to work on my latest model. Dani and I are racing (she and I are both working on different pieces for the same series). I think she'll beat me. :-)


tkdchick 8:05 PM  

LOL is that a dare????

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