Saturday, November 24, 2007

Just call me stumpy.....

Well, here I am 4 days after the dude with the sharp pointy objects took aim at my knee. The surgery itself wasn't as bad as I feared - I was in and out of the OR in less than an hour. It took at least 2 doses of morphine to get me feeling comfortable in the recovery room, but after another few hours I was released to go home. I admit to being in a bit of a rush to go home since the hospital where I had my surgery is a good 40 minute drive from home, so I wanted to get home before all the drugs wore off.

I've been limping around with my crutches every since but I'm managing quite well. I have some physiotherapy to do 3 times a day to start re-strengthening the muscle that was cut in the surgery. If I take my pain meds about half and hour before doing the exercises I find I can manage quite well through them, though they still hurt.

Today the pain is much worse than the previous few. I doubt I'll manage much more time at the computer today, but thought I'd at least get one post in.

Before I went to hospital I was determined to finish off a little project that I had started over the summer - tooth fairy pillows for 2 of my nephews and DS#2. They got dropped in the mail the day before surgery and my nephews are presently enjoying them:

Toothasaurus Rex & Tooth Fairy Landing Pad Copyright © Dragon Dreams

Stitched on mystery linens with DMC and Kreinik

I modified one Toothasaurus to have red polka dots, by request of my nephew. It took me quite a while to get him looking dotted instead of like he had chicken pox. When I sewed them up I also made a pocket on the back on the pillow so the tooth fairy can leave money or notes if necessary (sometimes the tooth fairy just runs out of cash!).

Off to visit the ice pack.....


tkdchick 11:32 PM  

Here's what happens when I don't keep up with my favourite blogs!!! I didn't know you were going for surgery, but I'm glad to hear it went smoothly!

Those pillows are adorable!

Meari 2:37 PM  

Hopefully, you'll have a speedy recovery. Your pillows are adorable, Erica.

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