Wednesday, October 03, 2007

A little bit of finish-itis and a little bit of start-itis....

Okay - here's some pictures of a little bit of finish-itis I had.....

Summer Island Sampler
Copyright © Jeannette Douglas Designs
Kit from a class with Jeanette

I took this as a class at CSNF a couple of years ago. I changed the wording from Summer Island to Paudash Lake as that is the name of the lake where my parents have a cottage. At some point I'll make it into a bellpull or something for them. I really like how this piece turned out.


Tooth Fairy Landing Pad
Design Copyright © Dragon Dreams

I worked on this over the summer, but wasn't happy with the dude's wings - so I frogged and re-stitched and now I'm much happier. Now I need to get this made up into a pillow, complete with pocket for those missing teeth. :-)

As for the startitis.....

I've had this piece kitted up for months and it's been calling to me softly, but persistently since then. I finally gave in and started it. It's the Bouquet for Cheryl freebie from Ink Circles. I'm stitching it on a really sparkly Silkweaver fabric whose name has escaped me with the varigated DMC whose number also escapes me. It's all upstairs, I'm in the basement and my knee is bothering me too much to dash up and down the stairs to get the right info! Suffice it to say it looks beautiful so far (at least to *me* it does) and I'm really enjoying just threading up a needle and stitching until I get to the end of the strand. Hence why the first quarter has been finished in record time. :-)

Sorry for the dim and dreary photos - it was a dreary day today and I had to photograph indoors.....

And in more exciting news - I finally got my hands on the latest JCS ornie issue today. I admit to having read a few review of this issue in various blogs and I was worried I was setting myself up for a let down. However, I'm happy to say that I've already made a list of over a dozen ornaments I really want to stitch. I can understand some folks viewpoints on some of the ornaments, but I've found plenty to stitch and am having trouble deciding what to stitch first. I'm glad to say that I'm not disappointed in this issue at all and I think it's another great issue in a collection of issues.

Well, it's late and I'm tired. I did my grocery run tonight for Thanksgiving (we Canucks celebrate Thanksgiving this coming Monday, Oct. 8). I'm hosting this year and have the big bird to prove it. Thank heavens for my convection oven!


tkdchick 7:13 PM  

Erica, those HD's are great! I can't wait... I get to see JD in two weeks! Yay!

And of course Jennifer's stuff is just adorable.

I love the colours for your new start!

Meari 3:01 PM  

Congrats on your finishes. They look great, Erica.

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