Monday, October 22, 2007

The excitement is building......

It's only 2 more days until I'm in stitching heaven. That's right folks, it's almost time for my annual 5-day stitch-a-thon - the CreativFestival! I am so looking forward to this event. I'll be taking classes with Anna-Marie Winter and Jennifer Aikman-Smith, to name a couple of people. This show is the highlight of my year - great classes and time with friends I only see once a year.

My model is almost done but the DMC metallic is giving me major fits. If this keeps up, I'll likely beg to use a different fibre for the next one. I may even get on my hands and knees (if you could see the state of my knee and ankle, you'd know what an accomplishment *that* would be!).... Hopefully it'll be finished before Hallowe'en, although I admit to hoping it would be finished for the festival so I could return it to the magazine. I'm rapidly realizing that's just not realistic, unless I'd prefer no sleep between now and the festival.

This past weekend was amazing weather-wise - it was in the mid 70s the whole weekend which is extraordinary for October. DS#2 went to school in shorts today. I spent yesterday hanging up my Hallowe'en decorations and finishing off a little tuck-pillow:

This is only my second attempt at a tuck-away pillow and I have to admit to being quite pleased with it. It's not perfect by any means of the imagination, but I'm happy enough. It's just for me, so it doesn't really matter too much how it looks. It's hanging in my hallway for all to see. Hopefully no one will comment on the somewhat obvious fighting match I had with my sewing machine. Luckily it doesn't show in the photograph. Hmmmmm - maybe I should hang the photograph instead................

Off to fight my way through some more DMC metallic. *bleck*


Meari 4:29 PM  

Have fun at your Creative Festival. Sounds like a blast!

Karin 11:21 AM  

Have fun at the festival - your little tuck pillow is very sweet!

tkdchick 8:05 PM  

Have fun at the Creativ Festival. It just wasn't a big enough pull for me... the classes weren't of interest. Give JAS a hug for me!

My model is done and in the mail. My way for dealing with the DMC metallic was to cut short lenghts. Doubling it up and securing it to the needle with a lark's head knot.

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