Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Happy belated Thanksgiving and what the heck have I done now?

Thanksgiving was this past weekend and I was this year's host. Boy, did I make food! Buns and squash and sweet potatoes, stuffing and turkey and cranberries. I'm still full, two days later.

My preparations were somewhat hindered by this new problem that started on Friday night and just kept getting worse. By Monday I was in the ER having a doctor look at me strangely. Here's why:

That distended thing on the left is my ankle. I included my right ankle just to show just how bad it is. I can't walk and I'm now on crutches and some really good anti-inflammatories. I won't be winning any skinny ankle awards any time in the near future.
What caused this? Well, we're not really sure. It might be rheumatoid arthritis, it might be plain old arthritis, it might be a viral infection, it might be just about anything.....
I'll be off to see my family dr. to get a referral to a specialist. Yes, this will be specialist #2 for me this year. Specialist #1 (for my knee problem) finally gave me an appointment for November. I think I'm falling apart. I told DH he should have purchased the extended warranty on me, but it'll be okay as long as he doesn't trade me in for a younger model! :-)
I may not be around much for the next while as stairs are difficult (computer lives in basement office) and I've got a model with a tight deadline to work on.
Hobbling off to stitch......


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