Monday, April 30, 2007

Oh bleck!

Why is it that as soon as we get some nice weather (shorts and t-shirt weather), I always (and I mean always) manage to come down with a cold?? Yesterday was gorgeous outside. What did I do all day? Laid on the couch and moaned for the most part. I hate colds. My head's all stuffy and my throat hurts and I hardly slept last night.... *bleah*

Enough whining! :-)

I have tried to take a picture of the crystal spider that I made at the Spring CreativFestival but my camera just isn't co-operating. Every picture is so out of focus it looks as if I took it while standing on the deck of a rolling ship. I'll keep trying, but I give up for the moment! Trust me, it looks really cute though....

When I wasn't moaning and groaning (and sneezing *achoo*, 'scuse me), I was busily working at finishing my exchange piece for the Dragon Dreams exchange coming up shortly. I'm almost finished the finishing so then it'll be time to package and drop in the post! I'd share pictures, but you know how it goes.... Soon! :-)

In the meantime, here's a piece I finished a couple of years ago:

This piece is from a class I took with Anna Marie Winter a few years ago at the CreativFestival. It's supposed to be made into a needlebook, but I've yet to get around to that. I just really like how this piece looks. It was fun to stitch, relatively easy and just looks pretty. The fibres are all silk serica and/or silk mori with some metallics thrown in for sparkle. I'd dig out the name of the piece, but it would require more energy than I have to expend at the moment.

Anyway, I need to go buy some groceries as the cupboards are looking quite bare this morning. Then I need to work on the models again.....

Oh, and Happy Birthday Mom!

My birthday is this coming Saturday too. We're into heavy birthday season here. Next up after me is my MIL, then BIL, then DH and one of my nieces (and that only takes us to mid-June - there's more after that!). The fun never ends.....


Arthemise 10:58 AM  

Sorry you're sick. That does really suck.

Vonna 12:16 PM  

Feel Better Soon!
I love your finished "older" project..beautiful!
And it sounds like you are going to be partying it up in the upcoming days and weeks :)

tkdchick 8:23 PM  

Hope you're feeling better!!!

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