Monday, December 11, 2006

Busy, Busy Me!

What a crazy weekend we've had! First we had to head off to DH's family Christmas. This is a large gathering of family - we're so many now we need to rent a hall! I think there were between 35 and 50 people there. We do a gift exchange as well amongst the ladies and the men. I had a panic moment when I woke up on Saturday - I forgot to finish an ornament for the exchange!!! AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH! Luckily I had one stitched, just not made into an ornament. So out came the handy sewing machine and the cording drill and some glue from the magic glue gun. Here's the finished product. It's from an old JCS issue, but darned if I can remember which one! I know it's a piece by Mosey 'n Me. It turned out quite well, I think, especially considering I finished it in an hour flat! :-)

Sunday had us at home briefly then it was off to a surprise birthday party for my youngest DS and the annual cookie exchange for me. It was a wonderful afternoon spent with friends. We do a little gift exchange as well and it's always fun. I had another AAAAAAAAAHHHHHH moment as I realized, yet again that I was asleep at the switch and I forgot to finish my stitched gift for the gift exchange..... This year I stitched an SB needleroll - English Christmas Roll. So, another frantic hour with my sewing machine produced a finished roll. Sadly, I forgot to take a picture of the finished product...... I'll have to 'borrow' it from the recepient so I can grab a snapshot of it! Someday I'll know where I put my head, really I will! ;-)

Now I need to spend this week getting the darned tree decorated (it's been up for almost 2 weeks and is naked bar lights!) and getting the rest of the decorations up. I need to get DH's Christmas gifts too and I've got to plan what I'm baking for teachers and neighbours for Christmas! Someone stop the clock, please? Just for a day or two???


Susimac 1:57 PM  

Love this ornie, and I love the colour of the fabric.

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