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 Friday, September 10, 2010

Well, now that our trip is over, the kids are back in school and work hasn’t really started up for me just yet, I’m finally getting some time to get back to stitching.


I have actually finished something recently!  I actually started this while we were driving home from Seattle and then I finished it up shortly after we got home:




This is the Brittercrip ornament from the JCS ornament preview issue.  I totally fell in love with the little kitty hugging the candy cane.  I stitched it in DMC, except for the dark green leaves – I used the recommended fibre for that.  I’ve temporarily misplaced the magazine or I’d check.  The linen is just a piece from my stash – not sure which one, but it’s a 28-count.


I also participated in an exchange over at the Rotation Stitchers BB.  I had such a hard time deciding what to stitch.  I actually started this at least twice before I decided I was happy with it.  Here’s what I stitched:



And I made it into this:




This was my very first floss tag attempt.  It turned out pretty good, I think, although in hindsight I can think of a few dozen things I should have done differently.  As for the stitching itself, this is actually a block from Needle Delights Originals ‘Strawberry Shortcake’.  I chose one block from the design (the middle row, right side) and changed every single colour.  I used a mix of DMC, NN, Dinky Dyes and Vikki Clayton Silks.  I really enjoyed stitching it.  I’m pretty sure my exchange partner liked it too.


I also included some Canadian goodies:



Of course, there had to be a hockey stick in there….  I also put in a few postcards from the area (although I only live near Toronto) and a pretty calendar with some pictures of various parts of Canada.


Sometime while I was getting everything ready to send to my partner, I think my brain took leave of my body or something….  I had a couple other goodies set aside to include in the package and I was sure they were there…….  Then after my partner opened her package and posted pictures of what I had sent I started wondering about the *other* things…..  Which led me to wonder and have a quick dig in my crafty-area…..  Which had me discover that I am a dolt.  I forgot to include some things (picture me smacking myself forcefully on the head)…  So, I’m back off to the post office later today.  Sometimes I’m sure I’d lose my head if it weren’t screwed on….  *sigh*


I also received my exchange yesterday.  It’s so jaw-droppingly beautiful that I can’t get over it!  Here’s what I received:


DSC05343 DSC05344

Isn’t it stunning?????  I have been in love with Temari Balls *forever*.  I’ve bought all kinds of instructional books about how to make them, but I’ve never had the courage to try it myself.  When Nordic Needle started selling pre-wrapped Maris, I was anxious to buy one and try it out, so I did buy two of them when I was there.  They’re still sitting in the package, but eventually I’ll get to them.  In the meantime I have the most *GORGEOUS* one sitting in my house.  I’m in heaven.


Besides stitching (I’ve now got 2 models demanding my attention!), I started (and finished) another super-quick project…  Some time ago I tripped over this article about making a project keeper.  It’s really intended for a sewing project, but I thought I could adapt it a bit for what I wanted…  It looked simple enough that even a sewing-impaired person like me should be able to manage it…  So, with 1m (or about 3ft) of oilcloth (purchased for less than $10), I managed to make a total of 4 large (they’re about 11” x 13”) and 5 small (6” x 10”) project keepers.  I’m already using one of the small ones to hold all the fibres for one of the models I’m stitching.  The large ones are going to be for my ornament projects.  I want to kit up a year’s worth of ornaments or so (whether they be Halloween or Christmas).  I’m going to put one ‘kit’ into each pouch.  It’s large enough to hold everything I need, including a q-snap or hoop if I want it.   Then they’ll be my grab-and-go projects.  But first I need to go back to the store and buy more oilcloth.  Here’s what one of the large pouches looks like:



I don’t care about seeing inside these pouches since I’m not really going to choose which thing I stitch – I’ll just grab a pouch and stitch whatever is in it.  I used stick-on velcro to make an easy closure.  I probably should have used sew-on velcro, but I didn’t have any in the house and I did have lots of the stick-on stuff.


My next batch of keepers will probably be smaller in size than these ones.  I’m sure I’ll find a use for them regardless.  Pretty nifty for someone so sewing-impaired, isn’t it?  I’m impressed with myself anyway…  :-)


Well, the needle is calling, so I’d better get to work!


(and as a total aside – why did it take me *so* long to discover Live Writer??? It makes blogging so much easier – I must have been blogging under a rock before this….)


fastenersandtape 1:27 PM  

You can get the sew on - online easily here.

Silverlotus 2:27 PM  

Love the finish, and totally jealous of your exchange! Whaaa! I knew when I assigned partners you were going to get something really great.

And I really love your pouch. I'm going to have to give that a try.

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