Sunday, September 20, 2009

Catching Up....

As usual, I'm running behind and trying frantically to catch up. There's something about back-to-school that just makes it worse - and here we are at the end of the second week of school!

We are all adjusting to having a regular schedule again after a very long summer - 10 weeks of summer vacation was just a little too long somehow. Neither of my boys were completely thrilled to be going back to school (yet DS#2 insists that he wants to be a teacher when he grows up! :-) ), so I decided to prepare a little surprise for them. When they came downstairs for breakfast, they were each greeted with this:

I called it my 'Back To School Survival Kit' and filled it with all kinds of things with little motivational notes attached. It was cute and the kids had fun reading all the notes and finding the treats inside. I don't think it made either of them more eager to go back to school, but at least they enjoyed the surprise!

I've been stitching like a madwoman on the model I've got on the go - the end is in sight now though. I just have to finish the outermost border and put on the beads and that puppy is finished. I'll still have to proofread the chart and write all my pattern notes & corrections, but that's a quick job. This piece just keeps getting prettier and prettier. It'll be nice to show everyone what I've done, but I'd better wait until the designer clears it. :-)

Since I can't post a stitching picture today, I will post a picture of one of my furries. DS#2 snapped this one. My cats aren't allowed outdoors (in our neighbourhood it's a recipe for getting hit by a car!), but it doesn't stop one of them from wishing:

Time to get to back to work on the model!


Meari 10:38 AM  

What a great surprise for the kids!

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