Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Looking back and looking forward

I've done a little blog-surfing today and seem to have gotten caught up in the idea of a yearly review or recap. I've dug through my computer and realized, I've had a pretty busy year in the stitching world....

Let's see, what did I finish?

- 7 models stitched (5 for ANPT, 1 for Enchanting Lair & 1 for Dragon Dreams)
- Christmas Biscornu (freebie from Aurelle)
- Bouquet for Cheryl
- Britty Kitty's cat on a pumpkin
- Christmas Biscornu (a different freebie from Aurelle)
- Easter Dragonlet from Dragon Dreams
- Health and Happiness ornament from Blue Ribbon Designs
- Lizzie*Kate Double Flip - Living with Charm Series
- Needle Wizard Needlecase from Dragon Dreams
- Poppy from Nora Corbett
- 'Take a Break' kit found at the Cottage
- The Decorator - ornie from JCS
- Sun/Moon Scissor Fob from Teresa Wentzler & Jennifer Aikman-Smith
- Sleeping Dragon Ornament from Dragon Dreams
- Snowflake Ornament from Anna-Marie Winter

(you might need to scroll a bit to see the pictures!)

Not too shabby overall. I rarely stop to think about just how many things I actually finish in a year and reading others' blog posts made me stop and wonder just what I did. I'm actually somewhat impressed. I know the models took up most of my time this last year, especially because I don't work on other projects when I have a model in hand.

As for the year coming - I don't really want to set any goals, other than to stitch. I have tried to promise myself that I'll work on old class projects this year and I want to see if by some force of needle I can finish Nantucket Rose too. Of course, having said that, a bazillion models will appear all at once and stitching for myself will be a distant memory!

If you've been reading my blog, whether this is your first time here or your 5th (I don't flatter myself that anyone has read this more than that!), THANK YOU.

Happy New Year to one and all!

(Hmmmmm - I just noticed that this is my 98th post since I started to blog with some seriousness..... Wonder what might happen when I hit 100........)


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