Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I have no willpower....

So, my websurfings led me here. So then I had to do this:

Easter Dragonlet
Copyright © Dragon Dreams Inc.
Stitched on 25-count Pink Lugana with DMC Threads

Isn't he adorable? And he only took a couple of hours to stitch. I'll have to get around to making him into a tuck-away pillow so he can hang near my front door to greet all visitors.

This wouldn't be so bad if it weren't for the fact that I've got 3 models that need to be stitched. One needs to be finished by next week (but it's well underway, so not a huge panic there), the other two I have a little more time on, but they still should be worked on. Oh well, soon.

In the meantime, I finished a couple other things:

Bouquet for Cheryl
Copyright © Needlemania by Marc
You can find the chart
Stitched on 32 count Opalescent Lugana - Ice by Sugar Maple Fabrics using DMC 4240 (almost 4 full skeins of it!)

I love, love, love, love how this piece turned out. I've had the Lugana in my stash for a very long time and was looking for the perfect project for it. This is it.

Next up is my February ornie - that was actually finished in February - I just didn't make it to the computer in time to post it in February:

A Christmas Wish of Health And Happiness
2006/2007 Complimentary Chart from Blue Ribbon Designs

Stitched on 28-count mystery Linen (it's a Lugana, I think) with DMC

I like how this turned out and it certainly stitched up quickly. I don't think I'll manage an ornament for March though - the model work is too pressing now. Guess I'll have to do two in April to make up for it!

And lastly, my friend and I have been making slow but steady progress through the 20th Anniversary Sampler for the CreativFestival. Only working on it once a week doesn't give us huge amounts of progress, but it is satisfying that we seem to finish one band a week. Things might slow down a bit now because we're heading into some large cross-stitch sections. Time will tell, I guess:

Oh, and the final showing of my lack of willpower? I caved and signed up for the Lizzie*Kate Double-Flips thing. Like I don't have enough to do. *sigh* If anyone finds my willpower, would you please give it back?

I know I've been tagged by Rebecca - but I think this post has gone on long enough - I'll do that later.... :-)


Meari 4:06 PM  

Everything looks good, Erica. :) I just ordered the LK double flips, too!

tkdchick 6:56 PM  

Erica congratulations on your finishes! I have to admit I'm be glad to see the back of my last model too!

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