Monday, February 04, 2008


After two months of going to physio 3 times a week, I have officially been paroled! It's given me back over 7 & 1/2 hours a week! Yipee! I still have to do work at home to continue strengthening various muscle groups and I still need to get myself walking normally (I'm almost there), but at least I don't have to drag myself over to the physio place anymore. Besides, I'm out of insurance money. :-)

I have to just finish a little bit of backstitch on the model to finish - I needed to have a last minute chat with the designer as I couldn't tell what colours some backstitch was supposed to be, otherwise it would have been done already. My fault though - I didn't realize I didn't know what to do until I was almost done the backstitch. If I'd been smarter, I would have discovered that sooner! Oh well, I have my answers now, so I just need to sit down for 5 minutes and polish it off!

'Tis a good day!


Karin 1:19 AM  

Congrats on finishing physio! More stitching time for you now :)

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