Saturday, October 31, 2009

Samhain Cometh

Happy Halloween to one and all!

Time seems to just be galloping along and here I sit on Halloween finishing off my decorations, carving pumpkins and rejoicing in the coming of a New Year.

The house is decorated:

There's more to be added as we get closer to darkness, but most things are out now. I just need to add everything that lights up!

Callie has found her favourite lap. She's still unsure why she only gets to see Hazel once a year though:

Apparently she makes the perfect lap. Callie is hopeful that eventually Hazel will learn how to scratch her behind the ears, just how she likes. On the up side, Hazel doesn't wriggle or get up to use the loo in the middle of a good nap.

I saw my very last Halloween parade at DS#2's school (he'll be graduating from this school next June!):

He elected to go to school as a wizard although for tonight he'll be a swordsman. He couldn't take is sword to school (against the rules!), so he was a wizard at school.

The boys carved their pumpkins and posed for their annual pumpkin picture:

DS#1 is proving his essential geekiness - I'm so proud! Here's his pumpkin all lit up:

(It's a smiley!)

Here's DS#2's:

I'm told it's a Bionicle - the Mask of Life. I think it looks awesome!

I did finally finish-finish my Halloween piece from La-D-Da too. I decided to try making a Cube-It since I've never done that before. I'm quite happy with the finished product:

I'm really tempted to find some feet for this and put on the bottom, but I won't be going near a store today. Too. Many. People.

Here's the back:

What I'm really impressed about - everything that I used for this project (from the linen and fibres to the styrofoam and fabric) were all pulled from my stash. No purchasing of anything!

And I did finish one other thing from the Festival - my Japanese Stepping Stone Bracelet. I'm really impressed with how this turned out considering I'm no jewelry maker and I felt mostly like a 50-fingered baboon while this was in progress. But, I persevered and I've managed to make a really pretty bracelet that is actually small enough to not fall off my wrist. I have very small wrists and most bracelets that one can purchase fall right off me. It's a novelty to have something just the right size.

Off to take DS#1 to a Halloween party!


Heather 5:39 PM  

Wow, I love the bracelet. Next year I am going to try to fit in a jewelry class.

I love the pumpkins and the decorations. And your finish for Halloween is great. I'm glad you didn't change the stitching because of what I said. :)

Your kids are cute, too. I can really see the resemblance, especially in your youngest.

Terri 11:02 AM  

Wow, your boys are getting so big! I can remember when you were pregnant.... and they are so cute!
Love the bracelet! I've been wanting to learn chain mail, but haven't gotten around to it yet.


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