Tuesday, October 13, 2009

It's Beginning to Look a Lot like Festival...............

The CreativFestival starts on Wednesday (for classes anyway, the retail portion of the Festival doesn't start until Friday)..... My living room presently looks like this:

Why? Well let's see - 3 designers have shipped a variety of things to me and I drive them down to the Festival (since I'm going there anyway, I may as well make myself useful!)..... So, these are their boxes. Haven't I been a good girl? I didn't open any of them, much as I wanted to..... :-)

I think I'll be glad for the mini-van!

Off to pack up *my* stitching stuff!


Silverlotus 7:46 PM  

Oh, the good things that must be hidden in those boxes!

Anonymous,  3:48 AM  

WOW, that's what I call willpower!

Rebel In Ontario 12:38 PM  

I agree, I'm sure I would have had to sneek a peek!

Sara 8:26 PM  

Hope you had a great time and I think I might have had to sneek a peek too!

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