Drunk Monkeys

 Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Well, I see by the calendar on the wall that I’ve managed to miss the April TUSAL by the better part of 3 weeks.  Life interferes when we least expect it, it seems…  Here’s my extremely late post:

DSC_0868Not a huge jump this past month, mostly because I’ve either been working like mad or working on just one project.  Which project, you ask?  Just this one:


Cirque des Cercles by Ink Circles

Stitched on 28-count Gold/Raw Linen

With DMC 4210

I am so totally in love with this piece.  It is gorgeous!  I’m going to miss working on it though – it was just so nice and relaxing and easy.  I think I’ve got Cirque de Trianges all kitted up………….

Right at the time that I was supposed to be posting my TUSAL, I was away in Gananoque attending/working at Enchanting Escapes retreat.  We had such a lovely weekend and the weather was perfect for stitching – lots of rain! 

This year at retreat, we were lucky enough to have a shop displaying their wares for all the reatreaters to peruse and purchase.  Knowledge and Needles couldn’t attend the spring retreat in person, but they sent lots of goodies to fondle and they promised to attend the fall retreat!  Having no resistance in the face of such lovelies, I caved and added this to my stash:


There were tons of Carrie’s Creations threads and I helped myself to some lovelies.  I don’t really have a purpose in mind for any of these threads, I just picked them because they’re pretty!  Isn’t that the perfect reason to acquire them?

I was drooling over a few other patterns too, but couldn’t bring myself to buy them.  I guess I was drooling a little too loudly, because one of my friends overheard me and bought them for me as a birthday present (my birthday was just a week after retreat was over…)

So no doubt you’re wondering – why is this post titled ‘Drunk Monkeys’?  Well, let’s see.  It all started when hubby ripped apart out powder room.  This is what it looks like right now:

Notice the lack of toilet?  Sink?  Yeah – there’s nothing left right now.  Thankfully there are two other fully functional bathrooms in the house.  And I’m getting extra exercise as the bathrooms are up on the second floor of the house.  Yippee!

So after my husband pulled out the old (butt-ugly) vanity, he discovered that he needed to make additional repairs to the walls where the vanity stood:

Can you see how there’s a horizontal line running along the wall there?  It’s all patched and white now.  Why is it patched?  You can see that the vanity was higher than the horizontal line…..  Ah well, that leads us to the discussion of the drunk monkeys who clearly wired this house.  Instead of running a wire from the light switch, down the wall, across one wall, around the corner and up the adjacent wall in order to wire a light above the mirror (which, of course is what a *logical*, *sane*, not-drunk monkey would do), the drunk monkeys punched a hole below the light switch and ran the wire diagonally across the corner, punched another hole to feed the wire up to the light above the mirror.

It might not have been too bad, except for the fact that we’ll be putting in a pedestal sink.  Somehow having a wire run diagonally across the wall, in the open didn’t seem like a prudent idea to us.

Then we discovered that not only did drunk monkeys wire our house, but they also had a hand in the drywalling.  See this square on the wall here?

That’s where the toilet paper holder used to be.  I wanted it taken out of the wall because it’s shiny chrome and all the fixtures are going to more of a brushed nickel finish.  So hubby obligingly pulled it out.  Then we had the following conversation:

Him:  ‘I found all the extra drywall.’

Me:  ‘What extra drywall?’

Him:  ‘Come and look.’

So I went and I looked.  Behind that hole in the wall, there are at least 5 sheets of loose drywall just sitting behind the wall.  New form of insulation, perhaps?  We weren’t about to pull down the entire wall to remove the drywall, so we’ve got 5 sheets of loose drywall floating around back there. 

I could understand craziness in an old house (I’ve lived in my share of them growing up), but this house isn’t even 30 years old!  Clearly, drunk monkeys are on the loose.

I’ll leave you today with a picture of my kitty, Mojo.  Mojo has always had an obsession with wool.  She’s even picky enough that she will separate bamboo, acrylic or anything else from the wool and just love the real wool.  She won’t eat the wool, she just rolls around on it.  I caught her like this the other morning…..

Sorry the picture is a bit blue – it was early in the morning and I had to work quickly before she moved, so I didn’t have time to play with the camera settings…..  Mojo dug this bit of sock wool out from the bottom of a bag, rolled around on it for a good 10 minutes, then spent some time loving the wool.  Then she stood up and yelled at me until I took it away and put it back where she found it.  We’ve been repeating this process daily.  (and yes, my carpet is covered in crap – I’ve been cutting foam pipe insulation for work (don’t ask) and it’s messy stuff to cut – need to get the vacuum out!)


Silverlotus 12:32 PM  

You've found a few other weird things in your house, haven't you? I wonder what the heck they were thinking when they built it. So strange.

Cirque des Cercles looks fabulous!

Xine 12:48 PM  

Your Cirque is GORGEOUS! Those reds on that pretty sparkly gold fabric really worked well.

geeky Heather 2:01 PM  

Congrats on finishing Cirque...the colors are YUMMO!!

Oh, the drunken monkeys came to play constructing our place as well. Thermostat in the middle of a wall (rather than by the light switches by the door), extra bathroom tile thrown out (or perhaps tiling a worker's bathroom), piping under the pedestal sink has a 2" gap between the cuff and the wall, heat pump system split into two parts three floors apart (ensuring it died), 1/2" gap between front door and threshold (hellooooo rainwater)...I could go on!

Xine 2:48 PM  

You should send a copy of the Cirque photo to Tracy Horner. She loves to see photos of finished pieces of her patterns, esp with different colour-ways.

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