Late, late, late TUSAL

 Friday, March 30, 2012

And it’s not because I forgot!  I actually took a picture on time, but it’s taken me until now to convince my laptop that it needs to talk to the camera and to convince the camera to let the laptop look at the pretty pictures stored inside.  It hasn’t been a pretty discussion.  But I managed to talk the warring parties into a peace treaty for long enough to grab the photo I needed:


03 March

I’ve added a fair bit of red to the jar as I’ve been plowing my way through Cdc.  There’s very little left to finish now – just two big motifs in the center and it’ll finally be done.  Since I’m enjoying it so much, I have a feeling I’ll drop everything else to finish it off.  No update picture of it today, though.  You’ll have to wait for it’s beauty shot when I finish it.


Off to play with CdC some more!


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