TUSAL Time & Canvaswork Crazies

 Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Well, the calendar on the wall indicates that today is the new moon, which naturally means that it’s time for this month’s TUSAL:



The jar certainly took a respectable jump this past month – mostly because I seem to have come down with a case of Canvaswork Crazies….  Ever since I finished Golden Reminiscence I’ve been on a tear through canvaswork projects of old.  I’ve even finished one of them:




by Anna Marie Winter

Stitched on 18-count White Mono Canvas

with Kreinik Silk Mori, Silk Serica, #4 & #8 braid, Paillettes & Mill Hill Beads


This was a class piece from the CreativFestival at some point in the last few years.  I really love this piece and don’t know why I didn’t drag it out sooner to finish it.  It’s just pretty, pretty, pretty.


Then, since I had an urge for more canvaswork, out came this piece:



This piece is called Solitary Flight and again, it’s a piece by Anna Marie Winter that was taught at the CreativFestival at some point in the last few years.  I’m working my way through the background in a braided fence pattern in 5 strands of Silk Mori.  It’s highly soothing and repetitive.  I have a bad case of waste knot-itis and I really need to trim and bury ends…..  (Although if I leave them, I’ll soon be stitching over them and they’ll bury themselves – much less work for me!).  Once the background is done I’ll be stitching a gorgeous dragonfly over the background.  You can see the finished piece here (scroll down a bit – it’s partway down the page – and I really, really want the 5 fans kimono & the golden kimono now…. Reflections is in my stash already….)


I think I’ll head back to the stitching chair for a little more time with Solitary Flight’s background…..


Blu 3:11 PM  

Triangulations is absolutely stunning! The blue and gold combo is so gorgeous!

geeky Heather 3:31 PM  

I agree that the colors on Triangulations are lovely! Congrats on the finish. Yes, definitely wait until you've stitched over those waste knot trails. I try to plan my waste knot locations so that happens as a matter of course.

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